Dragonclaw Barony

A Matter of Justice

The Sixteenth Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Abandoned Dwarven Mine

The party left Newton while it was still dark, heading south in their wagon, before doubling back west towards where the mine was located.

Due to Needles excellent tracking abilities they were able to avoid what seemed to be a group of mercenaries providing scouting and lookout for the mine and arrived without incident.

1. Entrance

The path dips down into the mountain where it ends with two large wooden doors securing the entrance to the complex. The doors look like they have been recently beefed up with new lumber.

Andy was sent ahead to check the door and found a particularly nasty guillotine trap that she was able to disable. The door was unlocked and as far as she could tell there was silence on the other side of the door. The party entered and entered the hallway which immediately ended in a intersection. From the intersection they could see that it went at least 30’ west and east except that just up the way in the eastern hallway was a door going north. They decided to head right to the east. As Andy approached the door she could vaguely see that the hallway went east a bit before heading southeast.

6. Dining Area

As you near this room, you can hear the sounds of varied conversations along with the unmistakable sounds of people eating. You can hear forks clanking against plates, heavy cups being set down and the occasional burp.

It didn’t take a thief to be able to hear the obvious sounds coming from the other side of the door. A quick plan of attack was formed. Domino would use Vordane to cast Hold Person in the room, Bark would cast entangle in front of the door and Needles and Andy would rain Arrows into the room while Kain and Domino kept them engaged at the door.

They kicked the door open and saw 6 men sitting around a table, two on one side and 4 on the other. Bark cast entangle and Domino made a snap judgment to cast the spell at the 4 men on the right side of the table. 2 of the 4 immediately went stiff as the spell surrounded them. But the other two jumped and began grabbing their weapons as did the other 2. Besides Domino and Bark casting their spell the element of surprise didn’t give the party first blood as all the other attacks failed. One of the fighters, a small burly halfling jumped on the table and began to taunt the party about their aim as the fighters ran into the vines, unaware of their effect on them. The Halfling was smarter than that and told the man next to him to head for the kitchen door, then took off, taking an arrow from Needles for his trouble. The Cleric followed him as the guards charged headfirst into the vines and were entangled. As the cleric went through the west hallway and the halfling went to follow another arrow from Needles found him. the guards took their cue from the Halfling and began frantically working their way through the vines toward the other door. One broke free and began moving away but was struck down by another arrow from Needles. The other guard soon joined his friend as Kain and Domino both attacked him. With everyone fleeing to the other room, Bark dispelled his entangle spell and the party began entering the room. needles ran to the opposite wall to get a bead on what was waiting for them in the east hallway. He saw that it was stairs leading down. The other party members quickly bound the two guards who were still under the hold person spell then moved to the east and kicked in the door.

5. The Kitchen

This room appears as if it was originally built as a small forge with large hoods extending from the ceiling to vent out the smoke. However it looks as if the recent guests have converted it to a kitchen, using the forges as firepits for cooking. There are some open barrels and bags of foodstuffs sitting in the corner and the smell of cooking meat permeates the room.

Domino charged in and struck one of the guards waiting for them before he could react. But the halfling was waiting to the side and took a swipe at him with his battleaxe. An arrow followed them in as Needles hit another guard, another arrow from Bark and Kain’s Katana soon finished that guard off. Andy tried to leap into the room but was literally swatted out of the air by the guards, followed by a devastating blow from the Cleric. The fight moved into the kitchen and blows were traded by both sides with Andy having to extricate herself from the battle in order to quaff a healing potion. But the party soon prevailed and the mercenaries were killed. In the kitchen they saw another hallway leading off the the northwest. They also saw another hallway leading off to the northeast in the dining room they were just in. They had Andy stealthily follow the hallway leading from the kitchen while they followed behind at a distance. The hallway climbed up some stairs before it opened into a wide chamber. Although this chamber was also lit it was not as brightly lit as both the kitchen and dining area they had just left. Andy could make out a murky opening to the north with what looked like a bridge crossing it.

.7 The Bridge

As you reach the end of the wide hallway, you can see that it opens into a large chasm that drops into the murky darkness below. There is a wide bridge that spans the chasm to an opening on the other side. However, there is a timber barricade in the middle of the bridge manned by armed troops. At first glance it doesn’t look like there is a way around the barricade.

With the rest of the party waiting in the hallway, she went north. As she went out onto the bridge she could see some sort of barricade constructed about 40’ out on the bridge itself with movement behind it. Without wanting to risk detection she snuck back to the party. The decided to work the large chamber south.

.4 Ambush Alcoves

As you walk down this large corridor you notice three evenly spaced doorways on the west side
of the wall. There are small rooms behind them that appear to be empty.

While investigating these alcoves they found that they were some sort of spell on them that made them look empty even when they weren’t. But luckily they were all actually empty behind the spell. Working their way back south they came across a a well at the end of the chamber as well as the first passageway they came across when entering the mine.

.3 Deep Well Alcove

This large alcove has a large cistern well in the middle of the floor. A newly constructed timber frame sits over it, holding a rope and large bucket that looks fairly new as well.

Since the well seemed to be getting use from the new occupants the party risked a drink and found the water refreshingly cold and clear and felt a bit more rejuvenated after drinking it. Following the hallway back to the door back to the kitched they decided to continue following the hall where it began to head southwest. At the end of a short run, it ended in a door to the southwest. After Andy checked the door they entered the room cautiously.

.2 Storage Room

This room is being used as a storage room. There are barrels of dry goods and other foodstuffs. It looks like there is enough food here to feed a small army for a few months. There is also a small beat up chest in the corner of the room.

Among the various foodstuffs they found a small chest containing 540 gold pieces and 3 gems that looked to worth about 50 gp. In the chest they also found a note that said Black Fist: For services Rendered -BL. They split up the gold before heading back to the Dining Area. There they followed the other hallway they saw where it turned north before ending abruptly at a chasm.

13. The Chasm

The original stone bridge crossing the chasm here has long been destroyed. However on the north end of the chasm there is a makeshift bridge that is in the raised position. From the looks of it, it’s meant as a means of quick egress and there are no cranks to pull it up or down, just a set of ropes keeping it in the raised position.

Their choices were to try to figure out a way to bring this bridge down or risk a fight with men behind cover on the other. Since Needles has the best aim out of all of them, he was tasked with trying to cut the rope with an arrow. After 4 unsuccessful tries he hit the rope, cutting some strands but not enough to sever it. Around the same time Andy heard something coming from below them. She peered over and saw something large coming up the chasm wall. The party drew weapons as Needles frantically tried to drop the bridge. His second shot hit the rope again, yet the bridge still held. It was then that the two monstrosities made their way over the ledge. Two enormous barbed snails made their way over the ledge and into the hallway. Both fired their barbs at Needles since he was in the front, one of them finding its mark. The snails were relentless and their bites soon left Needles near death, forcing him to make a fighting withdrawal to let Kain take his place. Kain also felt the sharp teeth of these snails but his Katana made short work and he kicked the carcass off the ledge and back into the chasm. Domino followed his lead and crushed the other snail under his mace.

another two shots and Needles was able to fray the rope enough for it to break. They were expecting the bridge to just fall, but it obviously had some counter balances on it and it came down smoothly, actually extending as it fell into the horizontal position on their end of the walkway. They sent Andy over to investigate and with her hurried movement back over the bridge they knew something was up. She told them there were 2 more snails in a room beyond the bridge, eating two hapless guards. She thought they may be able to sneak around them if they were quiet.

12. The Barracks

As you come down the hallway and round the corner you see the 5 men stopped cold in the middle of this room. What has their attention is two giant snails making a meal of two unfortunate guards who either didn’t see them or were asleep. The snails are near the south door, blocking any means of exit through that direction.

Unfortunately Domino’s less than stealthy movements caused the snails to stop their meal. With that plan blown, the party decided to seize the initiative and attack. With more room to maneuver the party was able to quickly dispatch the two snails without receiving a single wound. The passageway to the east opened into a more natural cavern where it led around the corner to the northwest. They followed the passageway where it meandered west until they saw a small alcove going north. At the end of the alcove was a trap door in the ceiling but the party was unable to reach it to get it open.

So they continued to follow the cavern as it wound its way northwest until it began to curve around south. They came to a door in the cavern wall.

8. The Armory

This hollowed out cave is being used as a makeshift armory. There are racks of long and short swords, Long bows, spears and daggers. As well as an assorted variety of leather and chain armor. There are also small barrels filled with arrows and two full quivers of arrows hanging by a peg.

All the weapons in the room were mundane with the exception of the two quivers, which radiated magic. The magically imbued arrows made them more more deadly than normal arrows (Arrows +2)

As the cavern turned south it began climbing and there were some roughly hewn stairs carved into the floor to assist the climb. There was also more light coming from that direction as well so Andy tried to be extra quiet as she worked her way ahead of the group. She came to a Wye and could see that further south was the other side of the bridge and the men manning the barricade. To the Northeast she saw a larger cavern being guarded by six men.

She went back and told the party what she saw. They were assuming that the men they were looking for were somewhere in the area to the east of them but that between the six guards and the men at the bridge they would be surrounded pretty quickly no matter who are where they attacked first. They looked at the map and kept coming back to the trapdoor they couldn’t reach and how most likely it came up in the area where the ringleaders were most likely at.

So using the last of the Potion of Gaseous Form, Andy snuck past the guards and into the room.

9. The Meeting Room

As you round the corner the passageway opens into a large open chamber. There is a masked man standing on a platform at the northern end of the chamber. He is addressing 4 other masked figures in a tone loud enough to be heard from where you are. He is expressing frustration that inside sources are telling him that the new captain is on their trail and that more desperate measures may need to be taken. One of the men in the crowd speaks up about the necessity of killing the new captain and maybe even the Duke himself. At this point everyone begins to speak at once and the conversation is lost.

She worked the edges of the cave wall trying to stay out of the light. She rounded the corner and went into the next room where she saw the trap door towards the south wall.

10. The Fallback

Another large chamber cut into the stone, but smaller than the one to the west. There is nothing of note in this area except for a square opened trapdoor near the southern wall. There
is also a pungent smell drifting from the smaller alcove to the east.

She had to wait until the potion wore off before she quietly opened up the trapdoor and lowered the rope ladder down to her waiting companions. With everyone up they decided on a plan of attack. Domino hit the ringleaders with a hold person spell while the rest of the party moved into the room. The hold person only got one of them so Andy followed behind him with her bow drawn and pointed at them. The party got the drop on the guards hitting a few with arrows but this is when things began to go terribly wrong. The guards all turned around and to a man throw flasks at the party and green explosions reigned down on them, mortally wounding Kain and severely hurting the others. The Odd fellows knew they had to close to melee or those explosive flasks would kill them, so they all moved to engage the party. However the explosions gave the ringleaders the break they were looking for so they began running towards the south west entrance. Another hold person from Domino caught two more though. Needles did the next smartest thing, he stood with one foot on one of the spellbound leaders, daring the guards to throw the fire and risk killing one of the men that paid them. The risk paid off and they decided to close to attack him. Now that the explosives were out of the picture, the party fought on and took down the rest of the men just in time for the guards from the bridge to come running in. With swords pointed at the throats of the men who were supposed to pay them, the mercenary guards surrendered. The guards and the leaders of ‘The Sapphire Crown’ were bound hand and foot but as injured as the party was, they figured it was smarter to send Needles back to Newton to get help.

While he was gone, Andy and Bark investigated the last small section of the cave they hadn’t looked at yet.

11. The Lab

The overpowering smell of chemicals permeates the air here. In the north corner of the room a small laboratory has been set up. There doesn’t seem to be anything being made at this moment but the smell tells you that it’s been used recently. In well packed crates next to the lab there are 10 corked flasks containing a green liquid.

It didn’t take an alchemist for them to figure that these were the same flasks the guards had used against them. They carefully carried the crates back to the room where the captives were being held.

Later that evening Needles arrived back with a contingent of Town Guards, who trundled the prisoners into another wagon. Once they were secure, the guards escorted the prisoners and the Odd Fellows back to town.


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