Dragonclaw Barony

Arrival in Newton

The Twenty First day of Ere-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Town of Newton

It took the company about a week to travel from the small village of Stull to the Town of Newton. They took the small cart road south from Stull til it joined with the Freestead Road which they then followed east for the rest of the journey.

Upon arriving in Newton, they first decided to get a few rooms at the Paladin’s Horse Inn. There they were able to wash a few weeks worth of dirt off of them and get in a good meal in the common area. It was already late afternoon by this time so they voted to rest that night, then head out in the morning to take care of some business. They spent the evening talking with their fellow travelers and the locals to pick up any interesting gossip about Newton or the Barony in general. Things had settled down in Freestead since the curse was removed from Keep and the Duke there was already beginning the clean up efforts. They also heard some rumblings about Lizard Men attacking small villages outside the Mire Wood. After picking up as much information that they could, they headed off to their rooms.

The next morning, the first order of business was to sell the items they had acquired since their arrival outside the gates of the Iron Keep a few weeks ago. It took most of morning, visiting a few different shops but they were able to sell of their unneeded items, some at a tidy profit. After getting a mid-day meal, they headed over to the Laquin Lumber Company in hopes of convincing them to sell the lumber mill and the other assets in Stull.

They arrived at the Laquin Lumber Company building and after several hours of waiting, were finally able to get in to talk with the owner, Bailey Laquin. They presented him with an offer to buy out the Lumber Mill in Stull under the pretense that they were more interested in the property it was sitting on for a future stronghold. At first Bailey showed no interest in selling the mill, but the parties intimate knowledge of how bad it was struggling began to convince him. but he also came to realize how interested the party was in buying it so he presented them with his final offer.

1. 12000 gold for the Mill, paid up front or
2. 6000 gold for the mill, paid up front and their assistance in another matter.

The party knew they didn’t have enough to pay him for the full price he was asking so they went with option #2. But they counter-offered by stating they had men ready to begin work on the stronghold, so they would pay him the 6000 GP and take him up on his offer, but he had to sign over the deed to them now. If for some reason they could not take care of his problem, they would pay him an additional 10000 gold when they returned. He was hesitant but when Clarabelle explained her relationship to the Duke of Talon and that her father would guarantee the money if something would happen to them, he acquiesced.

So while Bailey had one of his employees draw up the paperwork, they discussed the ‘services’ he required of them. One of his lumber mills right outside the Mire Wood recently began being attacked by Lizard Men. It was now to the point where work at the mill was completely halted since his workers were afraid to get anywhere near the forest. He wanted them to find the source of the problem and eliminate it.

The party agreed to this job and once they had the deed to the Mill in Stull in their hands, they left Laquin Lumber and headed back to the Paladin’s Horse Inn for the night.


Dymond Dymond

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