Dragonclaw Barony

Back in Newton

The Twenty-third Day of Aft-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows


the party took the small road from Mosquito Marsh west to where it joined the North-South Road and then followed it North back to Newton. How they were going to deal with Bailey Laquin’s treachery was heavy on their mind as they traveled. The trip was uneventful and they got to Newton in about two weeks. An army of mercenaries wasn’t waiting for them at the gates so they began to breath a bit easier. They got a room at the Paladin’s Horse Inn where they were able get cleaned up and get a bite off food that wasn’t cooked over a campfire. The next morning they stopped of at Grinkels and sold the remaining shields they had recovered from the lizardmen. They were of excellent quality and Grinkel was able to give them 2000 gp for the whole lot. Although they were a little alarmed when he told them they were all of Kar’Tegran make. they spent 1000gp of that at the temple to have the Mummy’s Rot removed from Clarabelle however once it was removed, Sister Myla did heal Clarabelle’s wounds for free. A trip around the corner to the Good Fortune Inn, where Clarabelle was able to sell the rare wines they found in the tower for 75 gp. Andy was able to trade the 3 diamonds she found and 500gp for a nice longbow from the Golden Forge. Even Needles admitted that it was a splendidly made bow. Kain was so impressed that he gave Morgan 1000 gp to begin the design work for his Yuroi. He spent the rest of the day with the blacksmith going over the design. At the end of the day they gathered at the Inn and met for dinner. They decided tomorrow would be a good day to pay Bailey a visit.

However the next morning they were greeted by a small unit of the town guard along with a royal courier. He handed them a scroll saying that the Duke of Llancrest, Halvdann Black would like to meet with them at their earliest convenience. They got the feeling that sending the guard with the courier meant that ‘earliest convenience’ meant right now. They quickly gathered their things and followed the guard to the castle where they were taken to the Duke’s inner chambers.

The Duke greeted them warmly and bade them to sit down. First he told them that he already knew of Bailey Laquin’s treachery and that this problem would soon take care of itself, but that he didn’t want them to commit bloodshed in his town. Secondly he also knew about how they rescued the townspeople from the Lizardman and their adventure in the tower. He was planning on dispatching a small unit of soldiers along with Daveak Glorygem, a close friend and Cleric of Eliador, and Jasim, a court mage, to occupy and investigate the tower. However he was concerned about this outfit of slavers that was supplying the lizardman armor and weapons in exchange for slaves. There had been other disappearances along the coast and he was wondering if this was related. He asked the Odd Fellows if they would consider investigating this slave ring as agents of the Duchy of Llancrest and as a reward he would make sure that not only would Mosquito Marsh stay independent, but that they would also be contracted by the Duchy for all its lumber needs. Also each of the party would receive 500 gp for their assistance as well. As a sign of good faith he gave each of the party members except Kain two potions of healing. To the Soulforged he gave two healing salves instead. After a small discussion the party agreed to his terms. He said Daveak and his men would be heading out to the tower in the morning and they were welcome to join him for that leg of their journey. The map they found in the Lizardman camp would lead them from there.


Dymond Dymond

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