Dragonclaw Barony

Mosquito Marsh Camp

The Twenty ninth day of Ere-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Mosquito Marsh Lumber Camp

The Company traveled south overland in what was becoming an increasingly warmer month. With the Lumia festival fast approaching it was looking like the adventurers would spend it chasing down lizardmen in a swamp. None of the them were looking forward to venturing into the Mire Wood in one of the warmest months of the year.

They arrived at Mosquito Marsh Lumber Camp about 8 days later to what appeared to be a veritable ghost town. The only way they knew people were there were from the cautious peeks they were getting from mostly closed doors and barred windows of the worker bungalows. They decided to head for the largest building in town, assuming it to be the lumber mill and they were correct.

They were greeted at the door by an exhausted looking man in his mid forties. When they told him who they were and who sent them, they were greeted by a string of expletives cursing the the lumber company for taking so long to send them. The man’s name was Risran Shickis and he was the foreman of the mill and he invited him into his office. When the party noticed that there was no work being done at all in the mill, Risran said that since the attacks started, he had lost many workers and the ones he had, wouldn’t leave their homes. When he was asked how many people were killed during the attacks, they got an odd look from the foreman, he them told them that the people weren’t being killed, they were being taken alive. Many of the workers and their families were being kidnapped during the night, and from what he had heard it wasn’t just from here, some of the smaller farms around the area were being attacked as well. The only thing he knew up to a few days ago was that it was lizardmen that were doing the kidnapping. However during the last raid, one of the workers managed to follow a raiding party back into the woods where he tracked them to a tower about a days march from here. It was at this point he was spotted by them and it took everything he had to get back to the camp and not be caught himself. The foreman told them the workers name, Clinton Pickett and at where they could find him.

It took awhile before Clinton would answer the door and it took the offer of more than a few gold pieces to finally convince him to help the party find this tower. They promised him they were more than capable of protecting him and told him they just needed to be led to the tower. He was free to go as soon as they found it.

The party spent the rest of the day picking up some rations from the company store and procuring some herbs that Needles needed for his healing poultices. That night, with the foreman’s permission they set up camp inside the lumber warehouse, with the watches set they settled down for the evening.

The party was awoke later that night by Andy nudging them awake. There was some movement to the southwest of the warehouse. The party quickly got dressed and moved out to intercept whoever was trying to sneak into the camp. They surprised 4 Lizardmen making their way towards the bungalows. The Lizardmen were quick to react and the battle began. Needles was able to kill one of the Lizardmen before the rest of the party was able to close with them. A long melee fight ensued and Kain was grievously injured before the rest of the Lizardmen were killed. Kain was quickly brought back to fighting shape with Needles salve and some healing from Bark and Domino. When the party inspected their foe they realized that the armor and swords they were using were of better quality than expected, especially their shields. The party stripped the dead Lizardmen of their armor and swords and brought them back to the warehouse, where they piled them in a corner and covered them with a small tarp before trying to rest for the rest of the night.

The next morning, with Clinton in tow and guiding them, they headed out to the tower. From his description they were expecting about a days march before getting there. Around mid-morning the party was surprised by what appeared to be a unicorn charging through the brush. It put its horn down and charged at Clara, striking her with its horn and staggering her back, as it ran back into the wood it just disappeared. A few seconds they could hear the sounds of hooves just before Bark was blasted by the creatures horns and hooves, this time it remained visible as it rode off. Bark remained bloody and barely moving on the ground. Needles was able to get an arrow off and it struck the creature as it ran off. The party quickly surrounded the critically injured druid and waited for the creatures return. Soon the creature came thundering back, its red eyes glaring as it bore down on Bark again, trying to get between Andy and Clarabelle. Domino quickly laid a healing on Bark As the creature charged. Andy’s swing went wild but Needles arrow sailed true, striking the creature just as it colliding with Bark, luckily only giving the severely wounded druid a glancing blow before it crashed down to the ground dead. An inspection of the dead creature found that it wasn’t a unicorn, but its evil twin, the Alicorn. Domino used his last healing on Bark to get him at least back to where he could walk. The rest of the march was uneventful and they found themselves arriving at the outskirts of the tower’s location late that afternoon. They decided a smart thing to do would be to rest, heal up and head into the tower in the morning, sending Clinton on his way. Bark was able to heal up to almost full strength and Needles gave Kain his last Salve before heading into the woods to make more.


Dymond Dymond

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