Dragonclaw Barony

Newton and Beyond

The Third Day of Holy Month, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

The Odd Fellows delivered the leaders of the Sapphire Crown to the Capt. of the Guard and the Duke personally to make sure they were going to be taken into custody. The Duke was overjoyed at their assistance and threw a small feast in their honor where they received ‘The Claw of Dragon’ medallion for their assistance in removing the slavers and bringing the Sapphire Crown to justice. He also showed them some of his finest rooms and allowed them to stay as long as they needed to heal and recover. The Odd Fellows took him up on his offer and spent a week in Newton, resting and relaxing. Kain also took this time to make another payment towards his custom Yoroi. Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the party headed back to Gray Cliffs

When they arrived they they found Capt. Ibenre and his crew at The Crossed Swordfish Inn. They let the Captain know they were ready to sail for Gulltown as soon as he was ready. After a day of preparation the ship was ready to set sail and the Odd Fellows set out towards home.

The captain kept the ship within sight of the shoreline as they skirted the Elvenwood so the trip was mostly uneventful. They were approached by one ship of questionable reputation but a well aimed arrow from Needles convinced that captain to keep his distance. A few days after they entered Elfwood Bay. They could see Tumba Alu, the Elven port city on their left. When asked about the name, Captain Ibenre told them it meant ‘deep water’ and was also the elvish name for the Elfwood Bay as well. Soon after they made port in Gulltown, the Odd Fellows parted company with Captain Ibenre but not before he told them how they could reach him, if they needed his assistance in the future.

Not soon after, as they searched for lodgings in Gulltown, they were approached by soldiers of the watch. They told them the Mayor of Gulltown had been waiting for them, and would like to speak to them at their earliest convenience. The day was still young so they followed the officer to the town hall, where they met Teknikal Suh’poort, intrepid adventurer and now the newest Mayor of Gulltown. Teknikal and Clarabelle had known each other for years, so they hugged each other warmly before getting down to business. He told them that Duke Romain Instellius wanted to meet with them as possible. He put them up for the night, and the next morning they headed out to Aethere Keep.


Dymond Dymond

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