Dragonclaw Barony

The Fortress of the Iron Duke: Day 1

The Twenty-fourth day of Thrice-Milce, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

The Iron Fortress

(Room 1) The party appeared right outside the entrance to the fortress. After a few seconds to get their bearings they checked the entrance.

The entrance to the fortress is carved into the side of the mountain itself. It’s about thirty feet wide and perhaps forty feet deep, and closed by a single large portcullis on the outside and two smaller ones inside. The green glow covers the outer bars. You notice that something really strong has bent the outer bars enough that you may enter one at a time, if you dare to brave the green glow.

As they penetrated the green glow, they felt their skin tingling like bugs were crawling on them but that was the only effect they felt.

The entry hall is empty, save for dead leaves and a couple of stains that look suspiciously like blood. There are two portcullises ahead of you, one to the right and one to the left, with hallways visible beyond.

Both of the smaller portcullises were shut and seemingly locked but with the combined effort of Kain, Domino and Clarabelle they were able to get the right door open and the others passed under while they held it. Once they were clear they let the door slam closed behind them. There was a hallway heading south and another going west down some stairs. After looking down the hall going west and seeing a door they decided to head that direction.

(Room 2) After listening at the door going north they decided to open it.

You see an armored guard wearing the livery of the Duke sitting on a bench beside two large levers protruding from the far wall. As you open the door, he raises his eyes to you, and you see a dagger hilt protruding from his right eye socket. He grins horribly and stands, slowly lifting his sword.

Needles pulled back his bow and sunk an arrow into the lumbering zombie (25/1+4hp fire) as Bark hurled his spear and struck the zombie down (2/4hp). Finishing off the zombie they entered the room and found two levers in the up position, one marked A, the other B. Pulling them both down seemed to not do anything so they left the room. They followed the hallway as it turned south and saw another door ahead on the west wall.

(Room 5) A quick check of the door didn’t reveal anything so Andy stepped back and let Clarabelle and Kain open it and enter.

This room appears to be some sort of storeroom. A number of smashed crates and barrels may be seen. There is also a shiny green puddle of liquid on the floor near the wreckage.

Clarabelle quickly recognized the green puddle as being a green slime and her and Kain slowly retreated out of the room.(I did a quick ability roll using Int to see if they would recognize it, Clarabelle passed). after the room the hallway turned and headed east to what looked like the long hallway going south they saw when they first entered. This was soon confirmed as they were back in the hallway. 20’ further down the hallway they found another hallway branching west, dead ending at a door going south and decided to follow it.

(Room 6) A quick check of the door didn’t reveal anything so Andy stepped back and let Clarabelle and Kain open it up and enter.

This room appears to be a storeroom for ammunition. Crates marked “Arrows, Shortbow,” “Arrows, Longbow,” “Bolts, Heavy,” and “Bolts, Light” are piled up against the side and back walls. Just inside the room, beside the door, is a mop, a scrub brush and a wooden bucket.

The bins weren’t full but had enough arrows and bolts to refill the party’s missile supply. After stocking up and not seeing anything else of value they moved on.

Back to the hallway going North-South they followed it south until it turned west. Andy waited until the party caught up and then went ahead west. When the hall went west 80’ and then dead ended, Andy knew something was up and her and the rest of the party began searching for a secret door. It took them awhile but they were finally able to find it at the end of the hall in the west wall (took 5 turns).

(Room 7) After finding it, Andy pulled the secret handle and opened it.

This room appears to have been used for warrior training; weapon racks line the walls, and a variety of large mats are visible on the floor. In the far right-hand corner, someone has piled up weapon racks and benches to form a sort of barricade, and you think you see eyes looking out at you from behind it.

The party had a feeling something was behind those barricades but were still surprised when daggers came flying out at them as they approached (gave the kobolds one surprise round). Domino was the only one who got hit(CRIT/4hp) as the battle began. Domino rushed to come around the corner of the barricade as a Kobold moved to engage him, taking a stab with his shortsword but missing. Bark came down and impaled that kobold with his spear,killing it (CRIT/10hp).Needles shifted and took a shot at a kobold behind the barricade but missed. A loud Yark Yark from the other side denoted that one of the kobolds was the leader and was directing the others. Andy notched an arrow but decided to wait to see who would come around the corner. Kain moved next to Bark basically trapping the kobolds behind the barricade, well until one of the kobolds leapt it and attacked Bark (gave a 1/2 movement speed to jump barricade) hitting him (18/1hp), the other jumped and did the same, hitting Bark as well (19/3hp) as two larger kobolds engaged Bark and Kain from the front. Finally Clarabelle engaged the kobolds attacking Bark but missed. Domino did the same and crushed one under his morningstar, killing it (19/11hp). Needles risked firing into the fight but was able to kill the other kobold attacking his brother (25/9hp). Another larger kobold leaped over the barricade and landed right in front of Clarabelle, but he didn’t even try to attack her, he kept on running. the surprise was enough to keep Clarabelle from hitting him (missed parting shot). Kain and the large Kobold exchanged blows hitting each other. The other big kobold missed Bark. Clarabelle decided it was her turn to leap the barricade to try to get behind the bigger kobolds. Domino pursued the big kobold as it was moving out of the room thumping it (15/6hp) and Needles finished it off with a short range shot from his bow(16/6 hp). The battle up front continued, the two big kobolds not affected by their leaders defection and subsequent death. One hit Kain again(17/2hp) with Kain unable to find his mark but the next round Bark found his target and killed his opponent (18/4hp) and that was all Kain needed to take his out as well(25/9 hp).

Since there was nothing in this room they decided they would backtrack to the portcullis. They had an idea they might be missing a secret door but thought they would cover more territory before looking. The gates seemed a bit more easier to raise this time (Only used d12 for the strength check since the lever in room 2 was pulled). They entered the Entry way and saw a passage heading east with a door on the north wall a few feet ahead.

(Room 3) Andy checked the door and not finding anything opened it up and let Clarabelle and Kain in. They followed the short diagonal hall until they came to a room.

Lying on the floor of this room is the dead body of one of the Duke’s guards, being eaten by giant rats!

The party quickly dispatched the rats..

Now that you have a chance to look around, you see a bench against the far wall, with two large levers protruding from the wall above it.

The levers were just like the two they saw in an earlier room so they pulled them down. When they pulled the Lever marked A they heard a loud screeching coming from the direction of the portcullis’ so after checking the room they went back in that direction. They saw that the smalller portcullis were now open but the larger one at the entrance was still closed. The hall continued east for about 20’ before turning south. Along that hall they saw a door on the west side.

(Room 12) Andy checked the door for traps and after finding nothing, pushed it open and allowed Kain and Clarabelle inside.

This room contains a small fountain centered along the west wall. To the left and right of the fountain hang tapestries; the one on the right depicts Duke Vadarin, sitting on his throne in his full ducal regalia holding a large emerald in his right hand. He appears to be regarding it thoughtfully. The other depicts a woman in silver plate mail armor riding a white dragon; Kylenne the Courageous, no doubt.

An inspection of the room found nothing but the fountain. they checked the contents and it was just ordinary cold water so they took the time to fill up their water bottles before exiting the room and continuing south. About another 40’ down they found another door on the west wall.

DM Note: Earlier in the adventure I got this room and room 7 mixed up as far as the contents and descriptions went, so I just had to roll with it.

(Room 8) Andy did her usual check for traps as well as listening. She didn’t find any traps but did hear something on the other side of the door. So they prepared themselves for a possible battle on the other side. Kain kicked in the door and the battle began.

Five small, ugly humanoids are in this cluttered room, apparently eating preserved meats and fruits from jars they have broken open. They look at you with obvious malice…

Kain immediately charged in and decapitated one of the goblins (goblin4) with katana (18/9hp) but took a hard shot from another goblin (goblin2 CRIT/6hp). Andy fired an arrow into the room but missed hitting any goblin. Another goblin connected with Kain (Goblin5 17/5hp). Needles stepped into the room and eliminated another goblin (goblin3) with his bow. Domino and Bark entered the fray but couldn’t land a hit but Clarabelle’s magic missile took out another goblin (goblin1 4hp).The fight left the goblins at this point and they bolted for the door, but Domino hit one (goblin2) as he ran away (17,11hp) killing it. The other goblin (goblin5) didn’t fare any better, taken out by Bark as it tried to flee (21/7hp). As the battle wound down the rest of the party entered the room.

This room appears to be a pantry; shelves line the walls and are loaded down with various foodstuffs.

Kain took a beating in this room, so Needles used two of his salves to heal him up (8hp) before moving on.

(Room 9) Andy checked the door going south and after not finding anything stepped back and let Kain and Clarabelle enter.

You are pretty sure this was the kitchen. Amazingly lifelike statues of one male and two female cooks are posed as if preparing a meal, and foodstuffs, apparently real, are arranged appropriately. The stoves and ovens appear cold, however, and vermin appear to have spoiled the food.

The party entered the room, curious about the statutes but couldn’t find anything to explain them. Andy posited that maybe these were the real cooks but something happened to them. As the party examined the rest of the room, they disturbed a large cobra but luckily it was more interested in leaving the room, than attacking them. Another door was opened to the south so they kept following it.

(Room 10) After her quick check, Andy opened the door and let Kain and Clarabelle in.

This appears to be a dining room. A large table dominates the room, and arrayed around it are statues of noble men and women apparently eating dinner. There is real food on the table, though it appears to have been spoiled by some vermin. You notice that there are several seats left empty, including the seat at the head of the table as well as the seat to the right of the head.

More statutes began to confirm that Andy’s theory was right. They did wonder why the head of the table and the one next to it was empty. They would have to wait as a Tentacle Worm came out from under the table and attacked Kain, luckily missing him. Bark jumped up on the table and stabbed at the Worm but missed. Needles fired off his longbow, zinging it between Clarabelle and Kain, striking the worm(24,8hp), Clarabelle then delivered another stunning blow to the worm (20,8hp) and Andy, tired of sitting in the back came around the side and delivered the finishing blow (15,5hp).

The party decided that the old dining room would be a good place to rest for the day. They set up a watch schedule and spread a few of Bark and Dominos heals to get everyone but Kain at full strength.


Dymond Dymond

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