Dragonclaw Barony

The Fortress of the Iron Duke: Day Five

The Twenty-eighth day of Thrice-Milce, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

The Iron Fortress

The party was awoken by a loud crash as the door to north came bursting open and 4 hobgoblins streamed through. Kain and Clarabelle were on watch and immediately jumped up to engage what looked to be 4 hobgoblins. Clara let loose a magic missile striking and killing the first hobgoblin through the door. The second hobgoblin dodged Clara and Kain and started heading towards the sleeping party members. The other two tried the same thing but Kain was able to cut another one down. Andy shot the nearest hobgoblin but was unable to stop him, But the arrow shot right after by Needles was. The last hobgoblin was able to close with Andy but his weak attack didn’t even come close. Andy was able to drop her bow and grab her shortsword as he came at her, and after his weak attack on her, she ran him through. The party dragged the dead bodies out of the room, boarded up the door and continued to try and get some sleep.

The next morning the party backtracked to the hallway they were at when they decided to rest for the night. Andy followed the hallway south, where it eventually turned west before turning south once more. At that bend they saw a door along the west wall. After checking the door the party opened it. Here they saw some stairs going up that then opened up into a wider area.

(Room 48)

Bookshelves filled with books line the walls of this narrow room. A small desk with a chair are positioned in the inside corner to the right of the stairs, with a few papers, a bottle of ink, and a quill pen atop it. A comfortable-looking armchair with a small side-table occupies the opposite end of the room, surrounded by windows on three sides.

This was a pleasant looking study and although there was nothing in here that could help to seal the gem, Clarabelle decided to cast detect magic to see if there was anything of interest in the room, when suddenly the whole area began to glow. From past experience they knew this was never a good sign and began to back out of the room. As they backed down the stairs they saw the table and chair pursuing them as books came flying into the area above. The party was unsure of whether to laugh or not as the chairs came at them, they changed their mind when the chair cracked Domino. Kain was finally able to hack away at one chair until it finally was destroyed. A few minutes later the second chair was destroyed as well.

(Weirdest encounter EVER!)

After backtracking to the hallway they followed it south. They found another door on the east wall and saw that it also opened up into the garden.

(Room 54) Continuing on they came to another door on the eastern wall and after checking it. opened it up and entered the room beyond.

This huge room is obviously a grand ballroom. Many small tables, each having four chairs around it, line the eastern and southern sections of the room; each table has a single candlestick having an unburned candle in it. In the southeast corner of the dance floor is a group of seated white statues, a string quartet apparently.

The party entered the large room to investigate it further when they began to hear music.

Suddenly, you hear music. Faint, ghostly music, which grows stronger moment by moment. A
fog arises from the dance floor briefly, then clears to reveal ghostly dancers performing a
stately dance.

The rest of the party was surprised when Clarabelle and Domino began dancing along to the music and were soon joined by an ethereal partner. As they both moved into the center of the floor with their partners, they began to flicker and before the rest of the party could react, turned ethereal as well. Everything was tried to bring Clarabelle and Domino back but to no avail. The party had to hope that when they finally sealed away the gem, their friends would return.

With heavy hearts, the party exited the ballroom from the same door they entered. just down the way in the hallway they saw another door going west and entered it. There was another small hallway here with a door in the north and south wall. The party decided on entering the north door first.

(Room 49) Nothing could be heard from the other side of the door so the party entered, Kain and Bark first with Andy and Needles in the back with bows drawn.

This room appears to be an alchemical laboratory; worktables laden with alchemical gear line the walls, except for the diagonal wall where you see a bed, a footlocker and an armoire. The alchemist himself is here, working at one of the far tables. He turns toward you and says, “Welcome! I was afraid I was the only man left alive in this place!”

The alchemist introduced himself as Harcus. The party was glad to find the alchemist alive and explained how they had found the jewel, that something evil was inside of it and that they needed a strong iron box and some lead to seal the jewel in. The alchemist said he had just the thing and after digging around the laboratory produced an iron box. He then asked to see the gem so he could place it in the box. Kain pulled out the chest and allowed the alchemist to remove it and place it in the iron box. He then walked over to a shelf by the door, saying he was getting some lead. Suddenly when he was by the door, the alchemist took off out the door carrying the iron box with him. Kain was the only one that was able to react as the ‘alchemist’ took off. Luckily Andy was able to make up a bit of time and saw the alchemist open up the east door to the north, going into the garden. Andy and Needles gave pursuit and when they got to the door leading into the garden they saw the alchemist just standing next to a plant that had a tendril wrapped around it. With a slight sniff Needles whispered ‘Blood Rose, don’t go any further. Aim for the alchemist, we can deal with the rose later’. Needles then pulled back his bow and shot the alchemist dead. They watched as the creature fell to the ground, turning into a grayish slender humanoid. ‘Doppleganger’, they muttered together. The rest of the group shortly caught up with so they explained the situation. When told about the Blood Rose, Kain said ‘Those things don’t affect my kind’. He wandered down the trail with his Katana raised. An ugly battle ensued as the Rose battered Kain with its tentacles until he eventually killed it. Kain then picked up the iron box and brought it back to the hallway.

DM Note: Because Kain doesn’t have blood, I halved the damage each tentacle made.

The party made their way back to the Alchemists room and set the box on one of the tables. They then began hunting for lead to seal it. Luckily they were able to find some and soon they began work on sealing the box, as the last of the lead dried, they heard a muffles cry from inside the box as the spell was broken.

As the party left the alchemist room and began heading back, they were happily surprised to see Domino and Clarabelle standing in the north-south hallway next to the door going into the ballroom. But they then heard a loud slamming and Clarabelle and Domino turned to the south and drew their weapons. Bugbears coming up the south hallway from another doorway. Needles ran down the hallway and released an arrow, hitting one of the bugbears in the back of the group. Domino and one of the lead bugbears met in the middle and Domino was able to score a hit, just as Bark drop his entangle spell behind him. A melee battle ensued with Needles and Andy picking off the back while the entangle kept most of the front from being able to attack. Bark took one good hit from a bugbear but other than that the party won the fight handily.

The party worked their way back towards the throne room where they left the duke. They could see confused people coming out of various rooms so they knew whatever spell that froze them had worn off when the Gem was sealed in the iron box. They found the Duke in the throne room, who looked confused but determined. It seemed a few of his men had found their way back to the throne room as well and they had Kylenne in chains in front of them. When the party entered the room, swords were immediately drawn and it took some smooth talking from party to get everyone calmed down. It didn’t help when the Duke asked why Domino was wearing his armor and Clarabelle his sword. A hasty explanation that they were taken from an evil party down in the lower levels seemed to make the Duke happy for now. Domino excused himself to strip out of the armor and Clarabelle handed the Duke back his sword. They then told the Duke the story about the green emerald and how it was asking them to free something inside it. They then presented him with the sealed iron box and told him that once they sealed it inside, whatever curse on the fortress was broken. He confirms most of the story with what he remembered happening before the jewel was cracked. He explains that he caught Kylenne trying to steal the jewel from the treasury, she dropped it and thats when everything went fuzzy. The duke set the party up in the spare room (Room 34) to rest while he did his best to get the fortress back in order. It looked like there were a few small groups of creatures to destroy but that the Odd Fellows had taken care of most of them. They even found the crazed soldier the party had to tie up in the lower level. The party took the time to relaz and heal themselves up but eventually they were called into the throne room by the duke. He presented each of them a Dragon’s Claw medal for their assistance in rescuing his fortress and for sealing the jewel. He also gave each of them 1000 gold pieces. he presented Clarabelle with his long sword as a gift and told Domino that he was pretty partial to his armor but that he would be sending him a replacement as soon as it was ready.

The company of soldiers sent by Duke Halvdann had arrived shortly after the party freed the fortress and they quickly mopped up the few creatures that didn’t run back to the Dragonclaws once the curse was broken. The adventurers were invited to accompany them back on their march to Newton. Since it didn’t look like Arias was going to provide them with a magical way home, they accepted the offer.


Dymond Dymond

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