Dragonclaw Barony

The Fortress of the Iron Duke Day Three

The Twenty-Sixth day of Thrice-Milce, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

The Iron Fortress

The next day the party decided to backtrack to where they found the stairs going up. In looking at the map there was another passageway going east they hadn’t explored. The passage only went east a few feet before turning north. There they saw some stairs heading down where the hallway continued, but before the stairs was a door on the east wall. It was decided to check that room first.

(Room 20) When Andy checked the room, she could definitely hear sounds of shuffling and muffled talking on the other side. She came back to where the party was and let them know. It was decided to just bust open the door and try to surprise them. Clarabelle planned on using one of her sleep scrolls to hopefully help the odds.

Rows of wooden framed bunks line this room — three beds high, two bunks per ten foot section. Under each set of bunks are three wooden boxes. The northeast corner is clear of bunks and has a table and five chairs, while the southeastern corner is partitioned by a wooden wall that stops a foot short of the ceiling and has a three foot wide opening facing north. Moving about in among the bunks, rifling through the boxes, are seven man-sized humanoids.

Kain rushed in and barely took a look at his surroundings as he annihilated the surprised hobgoblin by the door.Domino also came in as Clarabelle rushed right in, she glanced to the north and saw a group of 5 hobgoblins by the bunks and dropped her sleep spell on them, all 5 of them falling to the ground in a deep sleep. They thought they had gotten all of them when another came around the partition with his arms raised in surrender. Nobody had the stomach to kill the magically sleeping hobgoblins or the one who had surrendered so they decided for now to tie each of them to the bunks for now. Afterwards they searched the rest of the barracks but found nothing else. Even the hobgoblins were broke.

(Room 21) After leaving the room the moved northward and followed the hallway down the stairs and to the north. Past the stairs they saw another door against the east wall. Andy checked it and after finding and hearing nothing, moved out of the way for Clarabelle and Kain.

Rows of wooden framed bunks line this room — three beds high, two bunks per ten foot section. Under each set of bunks are three wooden boxes. The southeast corner is clear of bunks and has a table and five chairs, while the northeastern corner is partitioned by a wooden wall that stops a foot short of the ceiling and has a three foot wide opening facing north. Trussed up on two of the bunks are female figures in summer dresses, gagged and pleading with their faces for rescue.

The fact that they were in more barracks didn’t even register on the party as they rushed in to save the two women. After untying them the woman told them that the hobgoblins caught them and were planning on doing something dastardly to them. They said they were here at the Fortress to attend to the wedding. Their names are Garalia and Sasha. They did say they had seen the hobgoblins come in from a hidden door in the southeastern corner. The party also found a weeks worth of rations, a lantern, two flasks of oil, a flint & steel and a usable backpack. Andy also found what appeared to be two sets of leather armor, two short swords and two daggers in a box stashed under two of the beds.

DM Note: With the thief successfully finding the two outfits under the beds, the players already suspect these two aren’t what they seem.

Since the area of the secret was pointed out to them, the secret door was found and behind it they found a hallway heading north and south. The party decided to head north.

(Room 27) After the usual door check the party entered the room..

The walls of this room are covered with murals depicting scenes of battle. Standing on a dais in the southeast corner of the room is a statue which appears to be of Chordax, the god of battle; the head of the statue has been smashed, but you recognize the god by the battleaxe in his hands.

As the party got close the statue, they were attacked by some giant centipedes hiding behind it. Luckily the party got the best of them early and were able to take them out quickly. The party decided to backtrack and follow the hallway up north. As they came up to where the secret door was, Andy spotted another party coming down the hallway. She spotted what looked like two men at arms with some others behind them. They saw her at the same time and shouted at her to halt.

Kain charged to get a good angle where they hallway went north as Bark dropped his Entangle spell on the front line of the fighters. One bullied through and took a swing at Kain but missed. A female fighter pushed her way through and chucked a dagger at Bark but missed him. Needles took a shot at a one of the male fighters, killing him. Unfortunately a cleric in the back saw Clarabelle and caught her with a Hold Person spell, freezing her up in the middle of 3 enemies. Bark jumped behind her and physically grabbed his held compadre, moving her behind him. However right after that, the female fighter blasted him with her axe. Clarabelle was able to shake the Hold Person on her. Needles targeted what looked like the magic user in the back and blasted him with his bow, killing him. Bark was shaken by overwhelming fear and ran south down the corridor. The female fighter hammered Kain with her battleaxe while Domino finished off the last man at arms. The lightly clad enemy in the back fired an bow at Andy striking her hard. Unfortunately for him, that put him in Needles sight and he was able to take out the archer. The menacing man in the armor in back came striding forward, slowed by the entangle spell. Kain could not lay a weapon on the elusive female fighter but Clarabelle getting frustrated hit her with her Fire Bolt, not missing at such a close range. Domino marched up to what appeared to be another cleric and met him with his mace. Needles pulled out both his axes and jumped into the fray, able to sink his axe into the female fighter. Kain was then able to finish her off with his Katana. This only left the enemy cleric to deal with and Domino with the wrath of his God behind him, finished off the other cleric. As the party was getting their breath, a confused and slightly embarrassed Bark returned from the southern hallway.

The group they fought had many magical items on them, Armor (+ 1 Leather and + 2 Plate), weapons (+ 2 Longsword, + 1 Battleaxe and a + 1 Dagger) and a magical ring (Ring of Protection +1). They also found a variety of Gold, Silver and Copper coins worth 160 gp. They split this among the party, giving the two kidnap victims 5 GP each.

Dm Note: The +2 Plate belongs to the Duke and was stolen by this other group, however the party doesn’t know this and only thinks it was the spoils of war.

The adventurers went back to the room in the south to gather up the two ladies who took off running in that direction as soon as the fighting started.

They worked their way back up the hallway the other party had come out of. The hallway eventually turned west and at that point they could see two separate hallways going north joining it. They followed the first northern hallway where it ended in a door.

(Room 24) After she listened and the door and checked for traps, Andy stepped aside and let Kain and Domino open the door.

Many white linen towels hang from racks on the east wall of this room. Against the west wall you see a large washtub and a white statue of a woman leaning over it. She’s dressed in the clothes of a servant.

From how lifelike the statue was it was assumed that she was also a human caught in whatever had happened in the fortress. A quick search of the room found nothing else except for another door going north.

(Room 26) After the usual door checks, the door was opened and the party came in.

A large sunken bath occupies much of the northern end of this room, from which steam rises invitingly. Several stone benches with marble tops are in the southeast area.

The party was tempted to hop into the bath but were unsure if it was safe so they decided against it. They noticed that they didn’t need their torches as a number of light spells had been cast to light up the entire room. They noticed another door exiting to the east and after not finding anything decided to head that direction.

(Room 25) The party entered the room and immediately noticed the disarray

_ This room appears to have been a changing room at one time. A row of benches line the outside walls with pegs set into the walls at evenly spaced intervals, most likely used to hang underclothes and weapons. However one of the inner walls seems to be almost destroyed and there is debris and rubble all over the floor._

A quick inspection of destroyed wall showed another room that normally would have been hidden if not for the giant hole in the wall.

(Room 27) The party ducked their head and entered the other room.

This room looked as if it might have been used as a hidden vault. There are two large empty chests against the South wall. On the eastern wall there is a board with names written on. Below it there is a running total of numbers in what most likely may be deposits.

DM Note: The money the party took off the NPC party they met in the hall came from this room. The other party deduced there had to be a hidden room since the map didn’t line up and destroyed the wall to get to it. This room was actually used as a small bank for the soldiers in the Duke’s employ. They could drop their money off with the quartermaster, he would give them a deposit slip and the money would be held here.

Since the chest was empty, there was little of value in the room, they backtracked through the hole back into the other room and tried the door going south.

(Room 23) After a quick check of the door it was opened.

The walls of this room are lined with stone benches. A large brazier occupies the center of the room, and an empty bucket rests on the floor near the south doors. The walls and floor of this room are tiled; the tiles on the wall form a mosaic depicting clouds in the sky.

The party investigated the room but didn’t find anything of interest. From a quick check of their map, it looked as if they had did a pretty thorough job of exploring the lower level, so after a nights rest in the temple to the south, they would head upstairs in the morning.


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