Dragonclaw Barony

The Trip Back to Crooked Rock Tower

The Second Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Crooked Rock Tower

The trip from Newton back to Crooked Rock Tower from Newton was uneventful. With them traveling by wagon instead of walking the trip only took them a little over a week and because of the armed escort, they weren’t disturbed by Bandits or wandering creatures. They passed through Mosquito Marsh where they let the community know that representatives of the Duke would be occupying the tower for the foreseeable future. Everybody was glad to hear that, knowing that it would make things a little more stable for their small town.

The Odd Fellows helped Daveak and his crew get settled in before sitting down and consulting the map they took from the dead Lizardman Chief and compared it to a map they had of the Mire Wood. Comparing the two, they saw that the Lizardmen had been traveling to Frog Island, a small island off the coast of The Mire Wood with a very long and unsavory reputation. Preparing their gear they decided on setting out the next morning.


Dymond Dymond

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