Dragonclaw Barony

The Village of Stull

The Ninth day of Ere-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

The Village of Stull

The party arrived at the village the next afternoon. When they asked a few villagers about what they had heard, they were directed to talk to the Mayor of Stull, Chriztopp Barclay. They found him in the Town Building and told him what they had heard from the refugees on the road. The mayor confirmed the rumors and told them that the undead had been plaguing the town for about a week and the production of the lumber mill is way down because of it. If they can’t get rid of the undead problem, the owners, The Laquins, will shut the mill down, effectively bankrupting the town. He says he can’t offer them much, 500 gold, but they would be saving the town if they assisted.

The party decided to take the mayor up on his offer, and were inquiring about where they could rest for the night when a breathless villager ran into the office screaming that the undead were attacking the school! The party quickly told the villager to lead them to the school. When they arrived it looked like they were too late. They saw a group of skeletons tearing apart the body of someone on the ground while a group of children shrieked in terror in the corner while other skeletons attacked them. Needles attacked the nearest one with his axes but was unable to take it down. Meanwhile 4 of the skeletons moved towards the children and attacked, killing one of the children and injuring another. As Domino rushed forward to try and turn them, Kain and Clarabelle dispatched two of nearby skeletons. Domino called upon the power of Chordax and 5 of the remaining skeletons stopped their attacks and ran cowering from the clerics power. This left two skeletons left. Andy sprinted towards the children trying her best to close the distance while Bark did the only thing he could think of, he cast entangle right on top of one of the remaining skeletons, trapping it and some of the children in the vines. It was risky but he knew it would keep the skeleton from being able to attack. Needles threw down his axes and drew his bow. He knew he would have to risk a shot near the children but he had to take out the last unfettered skeleton. His aim was true and the arrow struck the skeleton, engulfing it in flames, where it fell to the ground, destroyed. The last skeleton struggled against the vines, even more so when Domino once again called upon Chordax to turn the undead. As it tried to get free to flee, Andy struck it down with her short sword, killing it.

Once the threat was clear, the villagers ran in to the school yard to grab their children, a mournful wail coming from the mother of the one child the party couldn’t save. Domino pushed his way through the crowd to heal the other child injured by the skeleton. It was during this time that they found out the other other dead body was that of the school teacher Bertrude, an acolyte of Eliador, who died trying to protect the children.

The clamor and screaming from north of them drew their attention to the lumber mill. The party took off at a sprint towards the mill. When they arrived they could see the body of 5 villagers on the ground, as well as the dead remains of two zombies. A pounding at the door above them told them where the rest of the zombies were. When the party ran up the stairs they found the zombie horde pounding on the doors to the saw room. Shouts from the other side meant that some of the workers were still alive behind that door. The zombies single mindedness gave the party the surprise on the first round.

All the fighters quickly rushed the Zombies, hitting them, but only Clarabelle’s blow was enough to kill her target. Bark summoned fire into his hand and threw it at one of the zombies, catching it on fire and destroying it, another globe of fire taking its place. Domino once again called out to Chordax and a ray of light flew from his holy symbol, shaking 7 of the zombies and causing them to run into a dark corner of the room. The 3 remaining turned on the party and attacked them. All but Domino were able to dodge the first attacks. The party returned the favor killing another 3 zombies, allowing Domino to turn the rest. But with the zombies trapped in the corner the party knew they could leave none standing. They chased the zombies and mopped the rest of them up with only Needles taking some additional damage. They knocked on the barricaded door and let the workers know the zombies were dead and they free to go.

But their troubles didn’t stop there. They were told another group of zombies were seen heading towards the mayors house on the other side of town. It took them what seemed like forever to cover the distance and when they got to the house they could that it had already been attacked. The front door was knocked off its hinges and when they entered they found the body of a woman and two children laying dead in the front room. They could hear yelling and screaming coming from another room and followed the sound to mayor fighting off 3 zombies with a broken broom stick, the body of two other zombies lay on the ground in front of him. The party reacted quickly. moving in and destroying the zombies surrounding him. A very distraught mayor ran into the other room and found his dead wife and two sons laying on the floor. He then began to look around frantically before running up the stairs yelling ‘Maya’. The party thought it better to follow him in case there were more zombies around. They didn’t find any but they did find the Mayor’s daughter Maya hiding in a closet. A very relieved Chriztopp took his daughter into his arms.

Thinking there may be more of these attacks the party moved to the center of town, that way they could react to another attack as quickly as possible, no matter where it happened. But no more attacks came. A very thankful and relieved town put the party up at the Hotel Scholding free of charge. Before heading to bed, they questioned the innkeeper about these undead attacks and where they seemed to come from. All accounts said they originated from the graveyard south of town. It was quickly decided that is where they would head tomorrow morning.


Dymond Dymond

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