Dragonclaw Barony

The Village of Stull Day 4

The Twelth day of Ere-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

The Village of Stull

The next morning the party brought the captives to the town building where they met a very somber Chriztopp Barclay. They explained to him that the threat to the town had been eliminated with the destruction of the Necromancer and the Orbs. They handed the captives over to him, letting him know that Garrett had been extremely cooperative in assisting them in destroying the Orbs. As some of the townspeople led the captives off, The party discussed what they knew about about Thaen and his goals. The mayor said he remembered Thaen as a young child, and that he had things pretty rough with an abusive father before he finally fled from his father and the town. But he also remembered the kid was always a bit strange, bringing dead creatures to school etc.

It was then that the party mentioned to the mayor that there seemed to be something going on in the town besides the recent invasion of the undead. The mayor, already tired from the loss of his family explained that the lumber mill has been struggling for many years and he was doing all he could to keep the Laquin Lumber Company from shutting the plant down and affecting bankrupting the small village. The people were also tired of owing their soul to the plant and the company store and morale around the town couldn’t be worse. The Company of Odd Fellows seemed to understand that after everything this town had gone through it needed some sort of good news for a change. They sat down with the mayor and came up with a bold plan.

  1. The ‘Company’ would approach Laquin in their headquarters in Newton with a proposal to buy the lumber mill in Stull from them.
  2. The ‘Company’ would give control and ownership of the Mill to the employees for a flat 25% of all sold lumber being paid to the ‘Company’ via their agent, Alaktyrr Rilyund.
  3. Once the Mill was sold, the ‘Company’ would send a missive to Baron Vadarin, suggesting that he make good use of the Stull Lumber Mill to help rebuild after the destruction to the countryside.
  4. They would also suggest to the Baron to set up a small outpost just outside the town, employing some of the villagers to man it.

Even with all that happened the last few days, the Mayor managed a smile as he shook the party’s hand.

The mayor immediately found a courier that could take the Company’s missive to the Baron. He invited them to his home for breakfast so they could discuss the minor details over a hot meal.

The party stuck around for a few days to heal their injuries and took the time to get to know the villagers. Even with all that had happened, the overall mood of the village was improved and may people came by to shake their hands or slap them on the back.

Soon with their wounds mostly healed the party headed out for Newton. They let the mayor know they would send word back to him with word that the deal was done and the proper documents needed for the transfer of ownership to the town.


Dymond Dymond

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