Dragonclaw Barony

Town of Gray Cliffs

The Tenth Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Gray Cliffs

The sea journey from Frog Island the Town of Gray Cliffs was uneventful. The crew kept the ship within sight of the coast and had good winds throughout the trip. The journey gave the party a chance to recuperate from their injuries sustained during the prolonged battle inside the Slaver Fortress and the brisk sea air and warm sun allowed them to relax for the first time in weeks. They arrived in Gray Cliffs a few days later. Before heading into town, the party asked Capt. Ibenre if he would be willing to take them to Gulltown once their business with the Duke was completed. He agreed to their proposal that they hire him and his crew for the month at the cost of 600gp. He told them they could find him at the Crossed Swordfish Inn when they returned from Newton. The party sold some of the items they recovered from the fortress and purchased a small wagon to take them to Newton.

While they were selling their items and getting restocked, they were hearing of some unrest in the town of Newton. There was an explosion in the Farmer’s Market and a dozen innocent people were killed, including the Captain of the Town Guard, Andrea Grusky. Rumors were floating around that some Llancrest Loyalists were behind the explosion.


Dymond Dymond

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