Andrella "Andy" Cohen

A rogue encountered in the Quasqueton Stronghold

Race: Half-Elf Class: Thief Level: 5
HP: 23 AL: Neutral
Stats Combat Savings Throws
STR: 14 +1 AC: 17 D/P: 10
INT: 16 +2 Mv: 30’ Wands: 11
WIS: 12 AB: +3 P/P: 11
DEX: 16 +2 Melee +3 / +5 (Shortsword +1) DB: 12
CON: 17 +2 Ranged: +5 Spells: 11
CHA: 16 +2
Armor AC Weapons Melee Damage Weapons Ranged damage
Studded Leather 14 Short Sword +1 1d6+2 Short Bow 1d6
Ring of Protection +1 Dagger +1 1d4+2 Dagger +1 1d4+2

Special Abilities:

+5% to XP Secret Doors on 1-2 on 1d6
+1 vs Magic Wands and Spells Sneak Attack: +4 to Hit and does double damage

Thief Abilities

Open Lock Find/Remove Traps Pick Pockets Move Silently
55 50 60 60
Climb Walls Hide Listen Secret Doors
89 45 51 50

While living in Stone Bottom, Andrella ‘Andy’ Cohen had been hearing rumors about the ruins of Quasqueton her whole life. When it was whispered that another party of adventurers was sent to find it, she followed behind them. When the adventuring party found the hidden entrance and went inside, she waited a bit before following them. However she wasn’t expecting to be attacked by guards when she entered and was quickly overwhelmed. The exit was blocked so she escaped further into the Stronghold, hastily finding a secret door to complete her disappearance. When evading what she thought was another patrol, she ‘tripped’ over the adventuring party she had followed inside. After helping Andy to her feet, she found the party meant her no harm and they asked her to join them. She was both thrilled and elated and vowed to prove her worth to them.

Andrella "Andy" Cohen

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