A half-orc Druid, raised in the Norwood Forest

Race: Half-Orc Class: Druid Level: 5
HP: 26 AL: Neutral
Stats Combat Savings Throws
STR: 12 AC: 17 D/P: 7
INT: 11 Mv: 30’ Wands: 9
WIS: 14 +1 AB: +3 P/P: 12
DEX: 14 +1 Melee + 3/+ 5 (Spear +2) DB: 14
CON: 15 +1 Ranged: + 4/+ 6 (Spear +2) Spells: 13
CHA: 9
Armor AC Weapons Melee Damage Weapons Ranged damage
Studded Leather +3 Spear +2 (1 handed) 1d6+2 Spear +2 1d6+2
Buckler +1 Spear +2 (2 handed) 1d8+2
Ring of Protection +1 +1 Snake Staff (2 handed) 1d4+1

Special Abilities:

Darkvision 60’ +5 Earned XP
Saving Throws: +1 vs Death Ray +1 reaction Rolls vs Humanoid Size or smaller
Cast Divine Spells at Level 2 Cannot use Metal Armor or Shields
Animal Affinity (Turn Animal) Special: Assume Animal Form: Black Bear 1x day


Animal Friendship Cure Light Wounds Create Water Detect Magic
Detect Snares/Pits Entangle Light Pass without Trace
Produce Flame/Cold

Bark and his brother Needles were abandoned by their mother in the Norwood forest when they were just infants. Luckily they were found by the elven druid Elrohir who adopted and raised them as his own. Bark was very interested in what his father did and took to the ways of druidism easily, taking up the shape of the bear like his adopted father. During a battle in the forest, Elrohir was killed protecting them from an ogre while their home was attacked. After burying their father, they had nothing keeping them in the Norwood and decided to explore the larger world. Bark took the loss of his father hard, and has sworn to make himself into a druid and person his father would be proud of.


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