Clarabell Mu

A young Minotaur raised and trained by the Instellius Clan, now an Arcane Warrior

Race: Minotaur (Bisren) Class: Fighter/M-U Level: 4
HP: 30 AL: Chaotic Good
Stats Combat Savings Throws
STR: 16 +2 AC: 18 D/P: 9
INT: 15 +1 Mv: 40’ Wands: 9
WIS: 9 AB: +3 P/P: 10
DEX: 10 Melee + 5 /+ 7 (Longsword +2) DB: 12
CON: 15 +1 Ranged: +2 Spells: 11
CHA: 10
Armor AC Weapons Melee Damage Weapons Ranged damage
Studded Leather +3 +1 Mace 1d8+3 Light Crossbow 1d6
Shield +1 +2 Longsword +2 1d8+4
Ring of Protection +2 +2

Special Abilities:

Roll 1d10 for HitPoints +1 to Feats of Strength (opening locked/stuck doors)
Horn Attack: 1d6 Charge: Gore Attack +2 to Hit and Double Damage


Read Magic Sleep Magic Missile Flame Missile

Clarabell doesn’t remember too much of where she came from, just that it was dark and underground. Knowing she was different than her brethren, she left under the cover of darkness and made her way to the surface. She found herself wandering the Badlands and was soon attacked by wild creatures. Before she could be killed, she was rescued by an unlikely pair of rangers, a halfling and a dwarf. When questioning them about their reasons for helping her, she was just told, ‘Mother said you would be here’. She was led back to civilization, to a place called the Aviary, the ancestral home of the Instellius’ family. Here she met Romain Instellius and his wife, Ellinia. They took her in to their unique family and raised her as if she was their own, never treating her any different than they would anyone else. In true Instellius fashion she was named after a bird, a very old elven name meaning ‘Mourning Dove’. Unfortunately nobody could pronounce it so her brothers and sisters just stuck to calling her ‘Clarabell’. While growing up she she showed an affinity for both the arcane and the martial, and she was taught to wield both powers together, a very rare gift. This type of control usually only manifested in those with elven blood, but Clarabell was able to master it to become an Arcane Warrior.

Clarabell Mu

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