Domino Orderis

A Cleric of Vorhaze, from the town of Edgemont

Race: Human Class: Cleric Level: 5
HP: 15 AL: Chaotic Good
Stats Combat Savings Throws
STR: 17 +2 AC: 22 D/P: 9
INT: 6 -1 Mv: 20’ Wands: 10
WIS: 17 +2 AB: +3 P/P: 13
DEX: 14 +1 Melee +5 / +6 (Morningstar +1) DB: 15
CON: 14 +1 Ranged: +4 Spells: 14
CHA: 15 +1
Armor AC Weapons Melee Damage Weapons Ranged damage
Plate +2 19 Morningstar +1 1d8+3
Shield +1 +2

Special Abilities:

+10% to XP Turn Undead
Can enhance any weapon +1 for 1 hr/level

Turn Undead

Skeleton Zombie Ghoul Wight
5 9 13 17
Wraith Mummy Spectre Vampire

A cleric of Chordax who joined the Company of Odd Fellows in Edgemont at the Behest of Tiri Soul, the High Cleric. He was to assist them in checking into some possible undead activity at the Wrenwald Estate. After joining them in clearing out the estate, he decide to stay with them permanently and helped to build a temple to Chordax at the newly named Odd Fellows Hall. He joined them on a few more adventures before before dying from a combination of poisoning and wounds suffered at the hands of an Iron Golem in an ancient Lizard Man temple found beneath the Crooked Rock Tower in the Mire Wood. He was then raised by the Elder God Vorhaze in exchange for him becoming a Cleric of his instead.

Domino Orderis

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