A Soulforged Samurai trained in the ways of the Bushido Code

Race: Soulforged Class: Samurai Level: 4
HP: 32 AL: Lawful Neutral
Stats Combat Savings Throws
STR: 17 +2 AC: 17 D/P: 6
INT: 10 Mv: 30’ Wands: 7
WIS: 12 AB: +3 P/P: 8
DEX: 16 +2 Melee +5 / +7 (Katana +1) DB: 14
CON: 14 +1 Ranged: +5 Spells: 12
CHA: 8
Armor AC Weapons Melee Damage Weapons Ranged damage
Chainmail +1 +5 Katana +1 (1 handed) 1d8+4 Shortbow 1d6
Wakizashi +1 Katana +1 (2 handed) 1d10+4
Wakizashi 1d6+2

Special Abilities:

  • Immune to Poison and Disease
  • Healing only does 1/2
  • Can’t use potions, only salves
  • Unarmored AC = 10
  • -2 Reaction Rolls
  • Savings Throws: – 1 vs D/P, + 3 vs Wands, + 4 vs P/P,- 1 vs DB,+ 2 vs Spells
  • Ki Strike +6 to Damage 1 x level/day
  • Weapon Specialization: Katana (+1 to hit/Damage)
  • Dual Weapon: 0/-3

Kain hails from a strange land across the Badlands, and made his way through that rugged and terrifying country as a caravan guard. Although he was a green warrior when he began the journey, the caravan leader, Date Bontenmaru, a ronin samurai from the Isles of the Dragon King taught Kain the ideology of the Warrior’s Way and the Bushido Code. When they parted ways at Edgemont, Date was so impressed with Kain that he bestowed upon him his own Katana and Wakizashi. He instructed the young Samurai student to pursue adventure and honor, and when he was ready, to return to Date to be awarded his own Yoroi and Kabuto, which Date would have ready for him. When asked how he would know to return, date replied ‘You will know when you are ready’.


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