Sparrhawk Instellius

Arch Paladin of Eliador and Son of Romain Instellius


Sparrhawk lost his mother shortly after his birth, and was raised the first few years by his father until Romain re-married. At first Sparrhawk was jealous of this new woman in his father’s life but found that she made his father happy, and he soon grew to love Ellinia as well. It wasn’t long before the previously only child was surrounded by adopted brothers and sisters of all shapes and sizes, and he rejoiced in the wonderful feeling of being a family.

Religion had always been influential in his life, and as he grew older, he began taking on jobs for the temple in Gulltown. Sparrhawk never saw himself as the clerical type but found the championing of good to his liking and soon sought out Eliador’s blessing in becoming a Paladin of his faith.

Sparrhawk began his adventuring career with several different groups of adventurers. But as he became more experienced he was usually found in the company of his sister Stormy and his best friend Teknikal. With a cadre of like-minded friends they put together an adventuring guild known as the ‘Elite Noobs’, Noob being a derogatory word for fledgling adventurer. They never took themselves too seriously to not have fun, even in the darkest dungeons. Eventually the adventuring life lost its luster and Sparrhawk decided to take his life in a new direction. When his sister Stormy was asked to be the Head Cleric of the Heatherleigh Temple of Eliador, Sparrhawk joined her as Arch Paladin and Defender of the Faith.

He currently resides in the Temple in Heatherleigh. He is finding that being there is causing some political ramifications because his father Romain and him are the last remaining descendants of the Llancrest royal family. This has caused some tension with the Baron and the local lords.

Sparrhawk Instellius

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