Stormy Instellius

A High Cleric of Eliador and the adopted daughter of Romain Instellius


Stormy was only a small child when her and her sister Raevyn were found alone in the mountains outside of Edgemont. Nobody knew how 2 Drow children came to be so far away from their Underdark home. They were whisked away by Ellinia Instellius and brought home to Aethere Keep, affectionately known as the Aviary. Here Stormy and her sister were raised by Romain and Ellinia, who showed them love and understanding they never would have known had they been raised in Drow society. Stormy became quite fond of Father Gyles, the keep’s local cleric and it was here that she found her calling. Being a drow made becoming a cleric a difficult journey for Stormy, but she was never one to give up on a challenge. She was one of the star adepts at the temple in Heatherleigh.

Stormy then made a name for herself as an adventurer, championing the cause of Eliador in the dark and dreary underbelly of the Barony and beyond. In one of her adventures she uncovered the Sunblade, and was given the blessing by Eliador to use this edged weapon, but only against the undead for which it was made.

She has recently given up the adventuring path and has been asked to step in as the High Cleric at the Heatherleigh temple.She has been working with her brother Sparrhawk to bring the temple up to her exacting standards and bring the light of Eliador to all the Barony.

Stormy Instellius

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