Claws of the Dragon


Each Claw in the set does the following:

1. Freestead Claw: +1 to AC
2. Llancrest Claw: Cure Light Wounds 1x/day
3. Stonebottom Claw: +1 to Savings Throws
4. Talon Claw: +1 to Ranged Attacks
5. Red Meadow Claw: +1 to Melee Attacks


Each duchy has created tokens of gratitude that they give to those who have served them and their duchy well. In the spirit of the Barony in which they reside, each of these tokens is in the form of a small dragon claw that can be worn a chain around the neck. Each of these claws does something different depending on with duchy has awarded it. There is also a symbiosis that exists with these claws, and when 3 are worn together, they double the effect that each claw gives. If all 5 are worn together an even greater effect will occur.

Claws of the Dragon

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