Vordane (Morningstar)

An Intelligent Weapon devoted to Vorhaze

weapon (melee)

A Morningstar made of a flat black material

  • +3 Morningstar
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Power: 12
  • Ego: 24
  • Protection from Evil 10’ 1 x Day
  • Hold Person 3 x Day

Thousands of years ago a sword was created by the Lizardman to fight the Dragons that were overrunning the countryside. Made from the platinum scales of the King of Dragons, Sashra was used to push back the dragons before being buried in a once lost temple. This temple also contained the last known shrine to Vorhaze, an ancient God of retribution and revenge. When this God was awakened and found his first cleric, the God convinced the sword to join him in a new form. A morningstar wielded in the hands of his cleric. The new weapon was renamed as Vordane, the chosen of Vorhaze.

Vordane (Morningstar)

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