Dragonclaw Barony

Day 4 - In the Stronghold

The Ninth day of Hardmonth, in the year 400 BY

Company of Odd Fellows

Stronghold of Quasqueton

After leaving the workout room, the party decided to check out the area to the northeast. They found a hallway with some stairs leading down. They followed it, unsure if they were on another level or not. They came across 3 guest rooms which all looked pretty much the same. The only difference was the middle room had a secret door in it, but behind it was only dirt. They did find a nice silver mirror worth 90gp on the dresser of one of the rooms. They continued north where a zig zagging hallway took them back west. Andy noticed something odd and soon realized the tunnel was gently heading back up and they were even with the first level again.

They followed another passageway going west and soon found themselves at a dead end hallway going east with a door to the south. Some investigation of the hallway soon showed that there was a portcullis trap set just to the east of the door. They left it alone and went into the room where they found some construction supplies along with the lever for the trap right outside the door. Their curiosity got the best of them so they took some empty barrels from the room and put them under where the portcullis would fall. They then sent in the reluctant rogue to find out of if there was anything of importance down that empty hallway. Stepping on the stone right at the end wall caused the portcullis to close. There was a loud crash but the barrels held it. This was the backup plan in case they couldn’t get the lever open, but the combined strength of Clarabelle and Needles was able to pull it open so Andy could escape.

The adventurers looked at their map and realized there was a small section they had not explored in the northeastern part so they did some backtracking to find the area. They came across a door going north and could definitely hear the skittering of a few large creatures inside the room. They decided to hold off going into the room and to follow the hallway to the end. Once there they saw a door going north that according to their map, intersected a hallway they had already been in. The fact they didn’t recall a door on the other side made them suspicious and they decided to look for traps, finding what looked to be a pit trap right in front of the door.

They backtracked to the door they came across earlier and made plans to enter it. Instead of going in, they set caltrops in front of the door and made some loud noises before pushing the door open. Backing down the hallway they then waited to see what would come out. They didn’t have to wait long as two large Dire Rats came through looking for the source of the noise. One missed the caltrops but the other was injured as he came through. Cain, Needles and Clarabelle made short work of them and Bark rushed the room, assuming it to be empty. It wasn’t and he was soon attacked by 2 more Dire Rats. One took a good bite out of him that left a festering wound (Filth fever disease). Needles and Cain came in behind him and took out the remaining rats but not before both of them stepped on a caltrop on the way back in.

That seemed to be the last unexplored area on the eastern side so they soon found a path heading west. A curving hallway led them right into a band of Orc Fighters and a battle ensued. Cain closed to fight them one on one as Clarabelle hung back and fired a volley of magic missiles at another orc. Needles seemed to be having some troubles with his bow as he couldn’t get an arrow to hit a target. Bark then shape shifted into a Bear and trampled down an orc as he charged into the fray. The last one looked like he was considering running when Cain took him down with a two handed stroke of his katana.

Instead of backtracking east as the hallway came around 180 degrees, Cain, who was leading the group decided to check out the last of the top northwestern area. Bypassing a few doors along the way they finally came to what looked like the most northwestern room in the complex. When Andy opened the secret door to look inside, her light startled 3 Shriekers and their piercing screams echoed throughout the stronghold. Andy and Clarabelle quickly shut the door and Cain decided it would be best to leave the area before other creatures came to find the source of the noise.

Working quickly south they came across a dead end hallway with a door going west. A quick investigation showed a strange blue pulsing crystal in the far corner of the room. As the party entered, the rogue went to check it out. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until they left the room, where they realized they weren’t in the same place in the Stronghold they started. a perusal of the map comparing the pattern of the hallway showed they had teleported into a room just south of where they started, a room they had earlier passed going north.

Clarabelle convinced Cain to check the hallway that went east from the curving hallway they had come from earlier. Heading down it they came across two ornate doors and when they opened them, they found the Library. Their initial excitement was quashed as they soon found that there was nothing in the Library worth keeping.

Heading back west and now south they followed a corridor leading into an area on the west side they had not yet explored. When they came across two doors, one going south and the other north, they decided on the north door first after listening to both. Andy heard some skittering noises and tried to sneak into the room to get the drop on whatever was in there. Unfortunately she was unsuccessful and both creatures attacked her, one biting her painfully on the leg. Her yelp of pain let the rest of the party know she was discovered and they all rushed into the room to her aid. The creatures turned out to be two giant centipedes and Needles, retiring his bow and moving to his axes, sliced the first one into bits as Clarabelle smashed the other to a pulp. Checking out the room they could tell it was a storage room for charcoal, which means there is probably a smithy nearby. Under the coal dust they found a beautiful set of chain mail armor and some investigation found it to be magical (Chain mail +1) It looked as if Cain was the only one that could wear it so it was given to him.

It was also decided that as dusty as this room was, it was a good place to rest for the night and the party made camp.

Day 3 - In the Stronghold

The Eighth day of Hardmonth, in the year 400 BY

Stronghold of Quasqueton

The party had decided the day before to use the old barracks as a place to rest. It took them a bit of backtracking but they felt the room would be easy to defend and it it had some beds, albiet musty ones. After resting they headed out, planning on going back towards the southwestern portion of Quasqueton, where they had left off. When exiting the barracks room they were surprised by two of the berserker guards in the hallway. A short fight later they were victorious, although Clarabell had taken some damage.

Back where they had left off the day before, they came across the old meeting room where they found a lone kobold living there. Instead of killing off the poor creature, Bark through various hand signals told it they meant it no harm and let it leave the room. A few ‘yark yarks’ later it was gone. To the north of there they came across the old garden, which was now overgrown with all manners of fungus and molds. While Bark gathered the edible varieties for a meal later, the rest of the party found 4 Garnets hidden in the mold and one was passed out to each member of the party. After leaving the garden the party found themselves in a circular maze but found nothing at the end but a goblin ambush. A sneak attack by Needles and Bark failed and they had to fight off the goblins while the rest of the party made their way to the fight. It got a bit hairy and the goblins dished out some pain before Kain got into the fray, taking out two while Needles finished the last one. While backtracking they stumbled over two troglodytes getting ready to use the same door from the other side. The party was on the losing side of that surprise and took some damage before killing them off. Bark had to summon some goodberries to heal up the party before they continued.

Following a path that wound along the west side of Quasqueton, the party found themselves back towards the middle of stronghold, joining some of the places they had explored earlier. Noticing some oddities in the floor (DM note: in my trying to remove the secret door symbol in the map my kids noticed the missing grid lines and knew something was up) the party discovered a secret door to Zelligars workroom and laboratory. They found a glass bottle full of some mysterious vapor which Bark stashed in his backpack for later perusal. They also found kegs and containers filled with all kinds of components and compounds, a few of which they took (spices, herbs and the 2 holy water vials). However the most extraordinary discovery was of a woman they found hiding in the empty coffin in the corner. She tried to make a break for it but a quick thinking move by Clarabell tripped her as she went by. After her tumble, the party was able to convey to the stranger they meant her no harm and after a long discussion, they convinced her to join them. So the half-elf rogue Andrella “Andy” Cohen joined the party(as an NPC).

Leaving the workroom via another secret door, the party came across the hidden door of the supply room but decided to leave the contents alone for now before heading north. Soon the party came across an odd area that was just 10′ × 10′ rooms filled with door after door. Working their way through all of them they followed the maze-like hallways around the corner where they were surprised by another pair of guards. After both assailed Needles with their greataxes, Bark made quick work of them in his Bear form, literally shredding one to bits. The banged up party was able to hold out long enough to find Roghan’s exercise room, where they set up camp for the night.


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