Dragonclaw Barony

A Matter of Justice

The Sixteenth Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Abandoned Dwarven Mine

The party left Newton while it was still dark, heading south in their wagon, before doubling back west towards where the mine was located.

Due to Needles excellent tracking abilities they were able to avoid what seemed to be a group of mercenaries providing scouting and lookout for the mine and arrived without incident.

1. Entrance

The path dips down into the mountain where it ends with two large wooden doors securing the entrance to the complex. The doors look like they have been recently beefed up with new lumber.

Andy was sent ahead to check the door and found a particularly nasty guillotine trap that she was able to disable. The door was unlocked and as far as she could tell there was silence on the other side of the door. The party entered and entered the hallway which immediately ended in a intersection. From the intersection they could see that it went at least 30’ west and east except that just up the way in the eastern hallway was a door going north. They decided to head right to the east. As Andy approached the door she could vaguely see that the hallway went east a bit before heading southeast.

6. Dining Area

As you near this room, you can hear the sounds of varied conversations along with the unmistakable sounds of people eating. You can hear forks clanking against plates, heavy cups being set down and the occasional burp.

It didn’t take a thief to be able to hear the obvious sounds coming from the other side of the door. A quick plan of attack was formed. Domino would use Vordane to cast Hold Person in the room, Bark would cast entangle in front of the door and Needles and Andy would rain Arrows into the room while Kain and Domino kept them engaged at the door.

They kicked the door open and saw 6 men sitting around a table, two on one side and 4 on the other. Bark cast entangle and Domino made a snap judgment to cast the spell at the 4 men on the right side of the table. 2 of the 4 immediately went stiff as the spell surrounded them. But the other two jumped and began grabbing their weapons as did the other 2. Besides Domino and Bark casting their spell the element of surprise didn’t give the party first blood as all the other attacks failed. One of the fighters, a small burly halfling jumped on the table and began to taunt the party about their aim as the fighters ran into the vines, unaware of their effect on them. The Halfling was smarter than that and told the man next to him to head for the kitchen door, then took off, taking an arrow from Needles for his trouble. The Cleric followed him as the guards charged headfirst into the vines and were entangled. As the cleric went through the west hallway and the halfling went to follow another arrow from Needles found him. the guards took their cue from the Halfling and began frantically working their way through the vines toward the other door. One broke free and began moving away but was struck down by another arrow from Needles. The other guard soon joined his friend as Kain and Domino both attacked him. With everyone fleeing to the other room, Bark dispelled his entangle spell and the party began entering the room. needles ran to the opposite wall to get a bead on what was waiting for them in the east hallway. He saw that it was stairs leading down. The other party members quickly bound the two guards who were still under the hold person spell then moved to the east and kicked in the door.

5. The Kitchen

This room appears as if it was originally built as a small forge with large hoods extending from the ceiling to vent out the smoke. However it looks as if the recent guests have converted it to a kitchen, using the forges as firepits for cooking. There are some open barrels and bags of foodstuffs sitting in the corner and the smell of cooking meat permeates the room.

Domino charged in and struck one of the guards waiting for them before he could react. But the halfling was waiting to the side and took a swipe at him with his battleaxe. An arrow followed them in as Needles hit another guard, another arrow from Bark and Kain’s Katana soon finished that guard off. Andy tried to leap into the room but was literally swatted out of the air by the guards, followed by a devastating blow from the Cleric. The fight moved into the kitchen and blows were traded by both sides with Andy having to extricate herself from the battle in order to quaff a healing potion. But the party soon prevailed and the mercenaries were killed. In the kitchen they saw another hallway leading off the the northwest. They also saw another hallway leading off to the northeast in the dining room they were just in. They had Andy stealthily follow the hallway leading from the kitchen while they followed behind at a distance. The hallway climbed up some stairs before it opened into a wide chamber. Although this chamber was also lit it was not as brightly lit as both the kitchen and dining area they had just left. Andy could make out a murky opening to the north with what looked like a bridge crossing it.

.7 The Bridge

As you reach the end of the wide hallway, you can see that it opens into a large chasm that drops into the murky darkness below. There is a wide bridge that spans the chasm to an opening on the other side. However, there is a timber barricade in the middle of the bridge manned by armed troops. At first glance it doesn’t look like there is a way around the barricade.

With the rest of the party waiting in the hallway, she went north. As she went out onto the bridge she could see some sort of barricade constructed about 40’ out on the bridge itself with movement behind it. Without wanting to risk detection she snuck back to the party. The decided to work the large chamber south.

.4 Ambush Alcoves

As you walk down this large corridor you notice three evenly spaced doorways on the west side
of the wall. There are small rooms behind them that appear to be empty.

While investigating these alcoves they found that they were some sort of spell on them that made them look empty even when they weren’t. But luckily they were all actually empty behind the spell. Working their way back south they came across a a well at the end of the chamber as well as the first passageway they came across when entering the mine.

.3 Deep Well Alcove

This large alcove has a large cistern well in the middle of the floor. A newly constructed timber frame sits over it, holding a rope and large bucket that looks fairly new as well.

Since the well seemed to be getting use from the new occupants the party risked a drink and found the water refreshingly cold and clear and felt a bit more rejuvenated after drinking it. Following the hallway back to the door back to the kitched they decided to continue following the hall where it began to head southwest. At the end of a short run, it ended in a door to the southwest. After Andy checked the door they entered the room cautiously.

.2 Storage Room

This room is being used as a storage room. There are barrels of dry goods and other foodstuffs. It looks like there is enough food here to feed a small army for a few months. There is also a small beat up chest in the corner of the room.

Among the various foodstuffs they found a small chest containing 540 gold pieces and 3 gems that looked to worth about 50 gp. In the chest they also found a note that said Black Fist: For services Rendered -BL. They split up the gold before heading back to the Dining Area. There they followed the other hallway they saw where it turned north before ending abruptly at a chasm.

13. The Chasm

The original stone bridge crossing the chasm here has long been destroyed. However on the north end of the chasm there is a makeshift bridge that is in the raised position. From the looks of it, it’s meant as a means of quick egress and there are no cranks to pull it up or down, just a set of ropes keeping it in the raised position.

Their choices were to try to figure out a way to bring this bridge down or risk a fight with men behind cover on the other. Since Needles has the best aim out of all of them, he was tasked with trying to cut the rope with an arrow. After 4 unsuccessful tries he hit the rope, cutting some strands but not enough to sever it. Around the same time Andy heard something coming from below them. She peered over and saw something large coming up the chasm wall. The party drew weapons as Needles frantically tried to drop the bridge. His second shot hit the rope again, yet the bridge still held. It was then that the two monstrosities made their way over the ledge. Two enormous barbed snails made their way over the ledge and into the hallway. Both fired their barbs at Needles since he was in the front, one of them finding its mark. The snails were relentless and their bites soon left Needles near death, forcing him to make a fighting withdrawal to let Kain take his place. Kain also felt the sharp teeth of these snails but his Katana made short work and he kicked the carcass off the ledge and back into the chasm. Domino followed his lead and crushed the other snail under his mace.

another two shots and Needles was able to fray the rope enough for it to break. They were expecting the bridge to just fall, but it obviously had some counter balances on it and it came down smoothly, actually extending as it fell into the horizontal position on their end of the walkway. They sent Andy over to investigate and with her hurried movement back over the bridge they knew something was up. She told them there were 2 more snails in a room beyond the bridge, eating two hapless guards. She thought they may be able to sneak around them if they were quiet.

12. The Barracks

As you come down the hallway and round the corner you see the 5 men stopped cold in the middle of this room. What has their attention is two giant snails making a meal of two unfortunate guards who either didn’t see them or were asleep. The snails are near the south door, blocking any means of exit through that direction.

Unfortunately Domino’s less than stealthy movements caused the snails to stop their meal. With that plan blown, the party decided to seize the initiative and attack. With more room to maneuver the party was able to quickly dispatch the two snails without receiving a single wound. The passageway to the east opened into a more natural cavern where it led around the corner to the northwest. They followed the passageway where it meandered west until they saw a small alcove going north. At the end of the alcove was a trap door in the ceiling but the party was unable to reach it to get it open.

So they continued to follow the cavern as it wound its way northwest until it began to curve around south. They came to a door in the cavern wall.

8. The Armory

This hollowed out cave is being used as a makeshift armory. There are racks of long and short swords, Long bows, spears and daggers. As well as an assorted variety of leather and chain armor. There are also small barrels filled with arrows and two full quivers of arrows hanging by a peg.

All the weapons in the room were mundane with the exception of the two quivers, which radiated magic. The magically imbued arrows made them more more deadly than normal arrows (Arrows +2)

As the cavern turned south it began climbing and there were some roughly hewn stairs carved into the floor to assist the climb. There was also more light coming from that direction as well so Andy tried to be extra quiet as she worked her way ahead of the group. She came to a Wye and could see that further south was the other side of the bridge and the men manning the barricade. To the Northeast she saw a larger cavern being guarded by six men.

She went back and told the party what she saw. They were assuming that the men they were looking for were somewhere in the area to the east of them but that between the six guards and the men at the bridge they would be surrounded pretty quickly no matter who are where they attacked first. They looked at the map and kept coming back to the trapdoor they couldn’t reach and how most likely it came up in the area where the ringleaders were most likely at.

So using the last of the Potion of Gaseous Form, Andy snuck past the guards and into the room.

9. The Meeting Room

As you round the corner the passageway opens into a large open chamber. There is a masked man standing on a platform at the northern end of the chamber. He is addressing 4 other masked figures in a tone loud enough to be heard from where you are. He is expressing frustration that inside sources are telling him that the new captain is on their trail and that more desperate measures may need to be taken. One of the men in the crowd speaks up about the necessity of killing the new captain and maybe even the Duke himself. At this point everyone begins to speak at once and the conversation is lost.

She worked the edges of the cave wall trying to stay out of the light. She rounded the corner and went into the next room where she saw the trap door towards the south wall.

10. The Fallback

Another large chamber cut into the stone, but smaller than the one to the west. There is nothing of note in this area except for a square opened trapdoor near the southern wall. There
is also a pungent smell drifting from the smaller alcove to the east.

She had to wait until the potion wore off before she quietly opened up the trapdoor and lowered the rope ladder down to her waiting companions. With everyone up they decided on a plan of attack. Domino hit the ringleaders with a hold person spell while the rest of the party moved into the room. The hold person only got one of them so Andy followed behind him with her bow drawn and pointed at them. The party got the drop on the guards hitting a few with arrows but this is when things began to go terribly wrong. The guards all turned around and to a man throw flasks at the party and green explosions reigned down on them, mortally wounding Kain and severely hurting the others. The Odd fellows knew they had to close to melee or those explosive flasks would kill them, so they all moved to engage the party. However the explosions gave the ringleaders the break they were looking for so they began running towards the south west entrance. Another hold person from Domino caught two more though. Needles did the next smartest thing, he stood with one foot on one of the spellbound leaders, daring the guards to throw the fire and risk killing one of the men that paid them. The risk paid off and they decided to close to attack him. Now that the explosives were out of the picture, the party fought on and took down the rest of the men just in time for the guards from the bridge to come running in. With swords pointed at the throats of the men who were supposed to pay them, the mercenary guards surrendered. The guards and the leaders of ‘The Sapphire Crown’ were bound hand and foot but as injured as the party was, they figured it was smarter to send Needles back to Newton to get help.

While he was gone, Andy and Bark investigated the last small section of the cave they hadn’t looked at yet.

11. The Lab

The overpowering smell of chemicals permeates the air here. In the north corner of the room a small laboratory has been set up. There doesn’t seem to be anything being made at this moment but the smell tells you that it’s been used recently. In well packed crates next to the lab there are 10 corked flasks containing a green liquid.

It didn’t take an alchemist for them to figure that these were the same flasks the guards had used against them. They carefully carried the crates back to the room where the captives were being held.

Later that evening Needles arrived back with a contingent of Town Guards, who trundled the prisoners into another wagon. Once they were secure, the guards escorted the prisoners and the Odd Fellows back to town.

Return to Newton

The Fourteenth Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows


An uneventful trip up the Gray Cliffs road led them to Newton a few days later. They immediately noticed a much heavier guard presence at the gate and their wagon was searched thoroughly before they were allowed in. After finally entering the town, they left their wagon at the public stables, paying a much higher stable rate than they were expecting. It was still early in the day so they went to the castle to try and get an audience with the Duke. They experienced a heavy resistance to allowing them in until the chamberlain heard who they were. Once he did, they were immediately led to the Duke’s private quarters.

He greeted them with a smile but it was obvious there was a sadness and wariness to his demeanor. When asked about the stories they heard in Gray Cliffs, he told them he would explain later, but now he wanted to hear about their trip. The party told him about the Slaver’s Fortress and how they fought a pitched battle with the slavers and their guards. All of the Slavers were killed but a few guards were left alive. The party put them in the slave pens with about two weeks worth of rations but recommended the Duke send some troops to secure them and the fortress. They told him about the Elven sailors they rescued and how Capt. Ibenre mentioned that there may be more behind this slave trade and that possibly a Kar’Tegran presence may be involved. This seemed to trouble the Duke even more but he was glad that for now, this problem had been put to rest. He called to his chamberlain to get a message to Turkey to send a small unit to Frog Island to secure it and the prisoners. He then mentioned the promise of payment and had the chamberlain bring them 3000 gold.

Now that the previous matter was closed, he told them about the events that occurred in Newton since they were last here. After they had left, The Duke tasked the Capt. of the Guard to investigate the alleged involvement of Bailey Laquin with the assassination attempt on the Odd Fellows outside of Mosquito Marsh. While Andrea was investigating Bailey she came across some information that led to an even deeper conspiracy of prominent members of the community dealing in stolen goods and illegal merchandise. Rumors in certain circles called this group ‘The Sapphire Crown’. It was while she was looking into this group that she was killed in the Farmer’s Market. While the Duke was filling them in, a man entered the room with them. The Duke introduced him as Ben Stocks, The new Captain of the Guard. It was at this point that Ben took over the story.

He told them that a break-in into Andrea’s home around the same time as her death was no coincidence. He also found Andrea’s files in his desk, as if she knew someone was after them and didn’t want to leave them in her own office. This was enough to get his suspicions up that whatever happened to Andrea, had to do with this investigation. He told nobody about this matter, and when he was appointed to her position he took it upon himself to investigate the matter quietly without telling anyone else what he knew. Ben was a ranger and scout with the military before he joined the town guard and he was able to follow some of the people named in the file without being seen. It was during a surveillance of one of these men that he was led to an old abandoned mine outside of town in the foothills to north. Staking out the mine, he saw that over the last few days the named leaders of the group, including Bailey Laquin have all left town and headed for the mine. He felt he had enough information to bring these men to justice but without knowing who he could trust, he was afraid the members would be tipped off to any organized attempts to arrest them at the mines. When he approached the Duke with his concerns, he was told of the parties imminent arrival to Newton and the Duke’s hope that they could be convinced to take on the task of bringing ‘The Sapphire Crown’ to justice. Now that they were here and he had told them the story, he asked them for their assistance. The Duke sweetened the pot by offering them another 500gp each as well as another potion of healing for everyone in the party. The party told the Duke to keep his money, they would do it just for paybacks on Bailey.

Town of Gray Cliffs

The Tenth Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Gray Cliffs

The sea journey from Frog Island the Town of Gray Cliffs was uneventful. The crew kept the ship within sight of the coast and had good winds throughout the trip. The journey gave the party a chance to recuperate from their injuries sustained during the prolonged battle inside the Slaver Fortress and the brisk sea air and warm sun allowed them to relax for the first time in weeks. They arrived in Gray Cliffs a few days later. Before heading into town, the party asked Capt. Ibenre if he would be willing to take them to Gulltown once their business with the Duke was completed. He agreed to their proposal that they hire him and his crew for the month at the cost of 600gp. He told them they could find him at the Crossed Swordfish Inn when they returned from Newton. The party sold some of the items they recovered from the fortress and purchased a small wagon to take them to Newton.

While they were selling their items and getting restocked, they were hearing of some unrest in the town of Newton. There was an explosion in the Farmer’s Market and a dozen innocent people were killed, including the Captain of the Town Guard, Andrea Grusky. Rumors were floating around that some Llancrest Loyalists were behind the explosion.

Slavers Fortress

The Sixth Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Slavers Fortress

The following morning the party woke up, packed up their belongings and headed down the trap door. The passageway eventually widened out to a larger hallway that descended down a staircase before turning south into what looked like a dead end. The dead end turned out to be a cleverly hidden door that opened inward, which suggested it was intended for quick egress to this hallway from the other side.

Andy listened at the door but didn’t hear anything but decided to open the door as quietly as possible. The door was was well balanced and opened inward without making any noise. The hallway on the other side was well lit and a quick glance showed that door was at the intersection where a hall going south met a hall going East-West. Andy could see 3 armed men about 30’ down the south passageway and another 2 men about 20’ to the west where it ended. All of them looked to peering through arrow slits in the walls. A discussion in the hidden room formulated a risky plan. Use an illusion spell from Bark’s wand to hide them from the soldiers in the south hallway. then sneak out the door and take down the two guards in the south, quietly if possible. That plan fell apart when the first guard heard Andy’s approaching footsteps and turned towards them. Domino used his mace to hit them with Hold Person and they both fell to the ground. The party quickly and quietly bound them.

With the illusion spell still hiding them from the guards to the south they decided to try the same plan of attack, Andy getting in close, Needles with a arrow notched and Domino hitting them with another hold person. Andy was able to get in close but her skills weren’t needed as all three of the guards fell over stiffly as the spell hit them. Quickly and quietly the dragged them to the hidden room and bound them as well. Andy followed the hallway down to where it turned east. She saw two more guards down at the end where the hallway turned south again as well as some stairs heading down to the south. With not knowing what was down the hall or stairs, they knew they risked detection but with only two guards they were hoping to take them down quickly. Only one went down from the spell but Andy was right behind the other, silencing him quickly.

Stationing Kain and Clarabelle at the stairs the other four members worked their way down the hallway as it went south. Andy snuck down to the end and saw that there were two more guards but that this was the end of the hallway. She snuck up on the nearest guard and backstabbed him and although the wound went deep, the guard turned around surprised. Needles who was further down the hallway let an arrow fly at the other guard, killing him instantly. The stabbed guard pulled out a whistle and let lose a short burst before Andy stabbed him again, finishing him off. Not sure what the whistle entailed, Needles and Andy moved back to join the rest of the party near the stairs. Kain and Clarabelle moved to cover the hallway north and were surprised when they saw a wall open and a man in robes step out from it. He was looking the other direction as he came out and didn’t see Kain and Clarabelle standing there. Clarabelle yelled out ‘Caster!’ and loosed her Firebolt at the surprised mage. Kain ran at him with his Katana held high, his weapon cutting deeply into the mage as an arrow released by Andy struck his as well. The mage was able to dodge the second set of attacks before casting ice storm, pummelling Kain and the now melee ranged Clarabelle with ice pellets. This allowed him to pop open the secret door and slip inside. Right after two more guards rounded the corner of the stairs coming up. Bark, Needles and Domino stayed back to take on the two guards while Clara, Andy and Kain pursued the wizard. It took them a few seconds but they found the opening to the secret door and bounded in, but by then the wizard was gone through what looked to be another secret door. Meanwhile the other 3 quickly took care of the guards and when it looked like the threat from that direction had passed, moved to join the others. Andy found the secret door and Clarabelle and Kain, piled in to find the room empty, but the trail of blood leading to a door to the north. By the time they got to the hallway on the other side, the wizard had warned the barracks and guards were streaming out into the hallway. Clarabelle case one of her magic missiles at the front lines and Andy released an arrow as a major engagement in the hallway took place.

The party fought half the guards as they came through the door, Bark’s entangle making it impossible for them to move as Kain and Domino cut through their ranks. The other half of the barracks tried to flank the party but were met by resistance from Domino, Needles and Andy while Bark tossed flame bombs at any one in range. However while the party was engaged the wizard alerted the other slavers to their presence and two capable fighters joined the fight from the east while two rogues came in from the east. But the party stood fast and was able to cut them down. As they were breathing a sigh of relief another small cadre of guards came from another area and as the party was mopping them up, they were ambushed by a Lightning Bolt cast by the wizard. With no regard for his own men, it cut the last two of them down and almost took Clarabelle and Bark down as well. But both clung to life and Clarabelle fired off her last magic missile, finishing off the heavily wounded wizard.

Not sure if there were more guards or worse in fortress they quickly used as much of their healing potions and spells to get them up and running, all of them hoping they wouldn’t run into any more. Since they were nearest to the barracks, they searched it first but didn’t find much other than dirty laundry. They backtracked to the room the wizard slipped through and were able to find a not very well hidden concealed door where they came across a large chest full of gems and coins. This wound up being the only treasure they found as they investigated the fortress. But when they discovered the slave pen, they came across 6 men tied to shackles along the wall. When they were freed, one of them introduced himself as Capt. Ibenre, the captain of the ship they found docked earlier. He mentioned that they were tasked by the elven court to investigate the disappearances surrounding this area. When his men docked the ship, they were attacked by orcs and humans and all but him and 5 of his men were killed. He told them the leader’s name was Morgath who ran the group with his mistress Sharana. From what he could gather, Morgath and Sharana were both in the Barony military before being discharged for misconduct. They then put together this crew and got started in the slaving business, although from some of the things Morgath mentioned to him he got the sense that there was something bigger than them involved, possibly even Kar’Tegra involvement.

Most of the men were pretty weak so they brought some food and water in from the barracks to feed the captives. They also found most of their gear in a box in the corner of the pens. They let the men eat and get dressed while they finished searching the fortress. Besides the treasure in the wizards hidden alcove there was nothing to be found. Although they did find that some of the slavers did have some equipment of magical nature which they gathered up.

Captain Ibenre offered to sail them up the coast to the Town of Grey Cliffs, saying it was the least he could do after rescuing him and his crew from either slavery or death. The party was more than willing to take him up on the offer, avoiding the trip back through the Mire Wood and getting a chance to recuperate on the ship.

The Odd Fellows helped get the ship ready to sail, and they set forth the next morning for Grey Cliffs, leaving Frog Island behind.

Arrival at Frog Island

The Fifth Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Frog Island

With Needles out front using his tracking skills, the party was able to avoid any unnecessary encounters in their travel to the Island.

As they approached the island they could hear the guttural voices of Lizardmen up ahead. Needles snuck forward and saw that there were a total of 10 of them, and from the looks of the shackles they were carrying, they had just brought the slavers more human captives. There was talk of circumventing them but neither Kain or Domino were having any of that. Anyone dealing in the trafficking of living creatures did not deserve to live.

The Lizardmen weren’t expecting any resistance this close to the island so were unprepared for the parties attack. Each of the characters attacked from afar and decimated the Lizardman ranks and by the time they closed to melee, there were only two left who were quickly dispatched by Kain and Domino. Early in the fight Domino used Hold Person to bring one of the Lizardman down. Now that the fight was over as a lesson to anyone else wanting to deal with slavers, they chained him using his own manacles and left him to find his way home.

The party found a small boat at the dock on the mainland and used it to cross over to the north docks on the island. After tying off the boat they worked found a path heading deeper into the island. They came to an intersection, with one path leading directly south through the middle of the island and two paths branching off towards the outsides of the island, one southwest, the other southeast. Needles found some recent footprints going down the southeast path so they chose that as the path they would take.

Working their way down the path they came to where another path intersected it. A quick inspection showed that this path led to some sort of lookout. Needles scouted ahead and saw that there were some orcs manning the lookout, obviously looking for ships or anything else moving close the island. They were set in 3 groups of 4, but didn’t seem to be too interested in their job, some were eating, others were playing dice. Needles signaled that he would take the group in the middle, Andy the group to the south and Bark, shifting into Bear form would take the group to the north. Needles and Andy’s bow struck down two of the orcs quickly. Needles was able to take another out before the rest of the orcs could react. But react they did as one charged at Bark the bear and slashed him with his longsword. Andy found herself quickly surrounded but was able to dispatch one of the orcs with her shortsword. Kain got into the fray, helping out Bark who was also surrounded by orcs. Domino soon joined him and took down another orc, thinning the ranks surround Bark considerably. Two of the orcs attacking Andy broke off and ran after Needles and Clarabelle. Needles took a deep cut before killing the orc with his bow at point blank range. Bark the bear finished off the last guy on him, allowing Kain and Domino to help out Andy. Soon they had killed all the orcs at the lookout. Bark had taken some heavy damage in bear form and as soon as he transformed back into his normal shape, Domino healed him.

They continued to follow the path as it traveled southeast. Eventually the path started turning due south. Here in a clearing they smelled something that seemed familiar to them, but not in a good way. With the rest of the party holding up, Needles scouted ahead. Moving silently he came across a lone troll gnawing on what looked like the remains of a human leg, a rusty shackle still attached to the ankle. Enraged by what he saw, he stepped back a few yards and let on of his fire arrows sail, hitting the troll solidly. The troll was angered but also shaken by the burning arrow that just hit him. As he began to charge Needles, Needles released another arrow, with another coming right behind it from Andy. Both hit the troll and he went down. The rest of the party quickly closed around the ‘dead troll’ and covered it with oil, before setting it on fire.

The party continued to follow the path south until they came to the other end of the island. Here they discovered another dock that was much more well maintained then the docks on the north side. Tied to the mooring was a beautiful medium sized sailing vessel, which looked distinctively elvish in make. The boat and docks were guarded by a small contigent of orc soldiers but the party wanted to investigate this ship and felt they could easily take down the guards. 4 of the guards were on the dock and two were on the bow of the ship.

Kain and Domino moved towards the docks, Domino using Vordane to cast hold person at the two closest orcs. One was able to shake the spell but the other immediately went rigid, locked in the spell’s effect. Andy and Needles let their arrows fly, Andy’s staggered her target but he didn’t go down, but Needles target fell forward off the end of the boat and into the water. As Kain closed in and finished off one, Needles was dropping the rest like flies, with one left standing, it through down its bow and pleaded for mercy. The party found a small holding cell in the ship and locked both the remaining orcs in there. They investigated the rest of the ship and saw that even though the ship was in overall great condition, it had recently come under attack. From the higher vantage of the ship they could see what appeared to be a small villa to the northwest of them, so they followed the trail up from there.

The villa looked as if it hadn’t been occupied in decades but did look it was built in the near past. Some guesswork on the party’s part figured that it probably belonged to the pirate leader before the island was raided. The villa consisted of a number of strong stone structures including the main house, which was painted in a color that most people would call gaudy. There was a large swimming pool in the front that was half full of murky brackish water and dead leaves. Movement in the water suggested that something had made the pool its new home and nobody was in mood to dive in and find out. They also came across a small quarters where the groundskeeper and servants lodges as well as a stable.

The ranger found some tracks leading off from the stable to the east. The tracks were a combination of human, lizardman, orc and ppossibly elf. He worked his way quietly along the edges of the trail, where he came across an wide entrance going into the hill itself.

You see a fortified dungeon entrance, with short tower-like emplacements bracketing it. You can see arrow slits in the emplacements, which would allow guards within them to fire arrows (or worse) at anyone trying to enter. The floor within the entrance is covered in sand, which has been raked into lines.

Needles made his way back to the party where he told them what he had found. This was most likely where the slavers set up shop, but getting in through the front door would be difficult. the sand was there to make sneaking through the entrance difficult. Wondering if the construction of this underground area coincided with the building of the villa, they decided to go back and give the villa a thorough once-over to see if there was a secret entrance to the dungeon somewhere in there.

DM Note: I had not planned on having a back door entrance to the slaver’s fortress but sometimes you want to reward your players for smart play instead of just bull rushing the front door.

A check of all the structures in the villa, revealed a trapdoor under some moldy hay in the stables. The party quietly dropped down into a very small, cramped hallway that would only allow them to travel single-file. Although it was hard to get their bearings, the tunnel did seem to continue in a direction that would take them towards the underground fortress. Instead of following it now, the party thought it would be better to rest for the day since it was already late afternoon, and get an early start in the morning.

The Trip Back to Crooked Rock Tower

The Second Day of Goodmonth, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Crooked Rock Tower

The trip from Newton back to Crooked Rock Tower from Newton was uneventful. With them traveling by wagon instead of walking the trip only took them a little over a week and because of the armed escort, they weren’t disturbed by Bandits or wandering creatures. They passed through Mosquito Marsh where they let the community know that representatives of the Duke would be occupying the tower for the foreseeable future. Everybody was glad to hear that, knowing that it would make things a little more stable for their small town.

The Odd Fellows helped Daveak and his crew get settled in before sitting down and consulting the map they took from the dead Lizardman Chief and compared it to a map they had of the Mire Wood. Comparing the two, they saw that the Lizardmen had been traveling to Frog Island, a small island off the coast of The Mire Wood with a very long and unsavory reputation. Preparing their gear they decided on setting out the next morning.

Back in Newton

The Twenty-third Day of Aft-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows


the party took the small road from Mosquito Marsh west to where it joined the North-South Road and then followed it North back to Newton. How they were going to deal with Bailey Laquin’s treachery was heavy on their mind as they traveled. The trip was uneventful and they got to Newton in about two weeks. An army of mercenaries wasn’t waiting for them at the gates so they began to breath a bit easier. They got a room at the Paladin’s Horse Inn where they were able get cleaned up and get a bite off food that wasn’t cooked over a campfire. The next morning they stopped of at Grinkels and sold the remaining shields they had recovered from the lizardmen. They were of excellent quality and Grinkel was able to give them 2000 gp for the whole lot. Although they were a little alarmed when he told them they were all of Kar’Tegran make. they spent 1000gp of that at the temple to have the Mummy’s Rot removed from Clarabelle however once it was removed, Sister Myla did heal Clarabelle’s wounds for free. A trip around the corner to the Good Fortune Inn, where Clarabelle was able to sell the rare wines they found in the tower for 75 gp. Andy was able to trade the 3 diamonds she found and 500gp for a nice longbow from the Golden Forge. Even Needles admitted that it was a splendidly made bow. Kain was so impressed that he gave Morgan 1000 gp to begin the design work for his Yuroi. He spent the rest of the day with the blacksmith going over the design. At the end of the day they gathered at the Inn and met for dinner. They decided tomorrow would be a good day to pay Bailey a visit.

However the next morning they were greeted by a small unit of the town guard along with a royal courier. He handed them a scroll saying that the Duke of Llancrest, Halvdann Black would like to meet with them at their earliest convenience. They got the feeling that sending the guard with the courier meant that ‘earliest convenience’ meant right now. They quickly gathered their things and followed the guard to the castle where they were taken to the Duke’s inner chambers.

The Duke greeted them warmly and bade them to sit down. First he told them that he already knew of Bailey Laquin’s treachery and that this problem would soon take care of itself, but that he didn’t want them to commit bloodshed in his town. Secondly he also knew about how they rescued the townspeople from the Lizardman and their adventure in the tower. He was planning on dispatching a small unit of soldiers along with Daveak Glorygem, a close friend and Cleric of Eliador, and Jasim, a court mage, to occupy and investigate the tower. However he was concerned about this outfit of slavers that was supplying the lizardman armor and weapons in exchange for slaves. There had been other disappearances along the coast and he was wondering if this was related. He asked the Odd Fellows if they would consider investigating this slave ring as agents of the Duchy of Llancrest and as a reward he would make sure that not only would Mosquito Marsh stay independent, but that they would also be contracted by the Duchy for all its lumber needs. Also each of the party would receive 500 gp for their assistance as well. As a sign of good faith he gave each of the party members except Kain two potions of healing. To the Soulforged he gave two healing salves instead. After a small discussion the party agreed to his terms. He said Daveak and his men would be heading out to the tower in the morning and they were welcome to join him for that leg of their journey. The map they found in the Lizardman camp would lead them from there.

Mosquito Marsh Camp - After the Tower

The Eighth Day of Aft-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Mosquito Marsh

There was plenty of daylight left when the party left the tower, but they were all exhausted from their ordeal so decided to set up camp for the day and then leave back to the lumber camp the next morning. Needles went into the surrounding forest to gather the ingredients needed for his healing salves and came across the remains of recent campsite. From the looks of things, it was a solitary person who set up there and they had left fairly recently, probably within minutes of the party exiting the tower. When he returned to camp he told the other party members of his findings. They came to the conclusion that whoever it was, was most likely waiting for them and that they would need to exercise caution when setting up guard duty that night and when traveling back to the camp.

The double guard duty didn’t seem to be needed as the night went by uneventfully and the party packed up the next morning and headed out. They sent Needles up ahead to scout for traps and ambushes. He didn’t come across any on the journey but did come across a single set of footsteps heading back in the same direction they were going. When he reached the edge of the forest and the outskirts of camp he saw a small band of mercenaries waiting there. He spotted the marking of the Black Fist on their armor and even though they were on friendly terms was unsure of their intentions. He made his way back to the rest of the party and informed them of what he saw. Even though they didn’t know of any reason to be worried about Black Fist mercenaries they figured better safe than sorry. Kain, Clarabelle and Domino were in the front, Bark in the middle and Andy and Needles hung back where their bows would be more effective.

When they entered the clearing it became obvious that the mercenary party was waiting on them. A human fighter in the back hailed them but didn’t come forward. That automatically put the party on their toes.

“Greetings Fine Fellows.. The Lumber Superintendent told me that you had been here recently and had left to pursue some errand deeper into the woods. I applaud you on getting these men back to work by solving the mystery of the recent disappearances. However it would seem that your former employer, now my current one finds that you would be worth more to him dead than alive. I do apologize but the contract has been signed and now must be carried out. "

All over the clearing sound of weapons being drawn could be heard…

Kain charged forward towards a small group of fighers in front of him, pulling out his Katana and Wakizashi. He crashed into them but missed with both weapons. Bark pulled forth flames from his hand and lobbed one at one of the fighters in the first group. It engulfed him in flames and fell to the ground. Needles fired his bow at what appeared to be another ranger holding a bow father in the back. The arrow struck spinning his opponent around. Andy’s arrow dropped another fighter in the front group.

The second set of fighters started launching arrows from their short bows, while the front set of soldiers began to surround Kain. A grizzled Dwarf moved forward as well to engage Kain. Domino pointed his mace at the far set of soldiers and one went stiff before falling over, his blinking eyes the only sign he was alive. An Arrow shot by someone behind the second set of soldiers struck Needles and another soldier flanked Kain, striking the samurai with his longsword. An arrow shot from another archer in the back struck Andy. The archer Needles hit tried returning the favor but his shot was wide.The leader who spoke to them before the battle moved forward but did not directly engage the party as another arrow struck Bark. Clarabelle moved forward and released her Firebolt at the leader, striking him but not doing enough damage to fell him. Bark lobbed another flame, this time at another lone archer behind the soldiers. He was also consumed by flame and fell to the ground dead. It was Needle’s turn to miss his mark as his next arrow at the other ranger went wide as well. Another arrow struck Bark and another sword slipped through Kain’s defenses. Domino waded into the fray surrounding Kain and decimated a fighter with his newly empowered mace. the leader jumped into the fight by attacking Clarabelle, giving her a slight wound with his sword. Clarabelle quickly returned the favor. Another exchange from both and the leader fell dead at Clarabelle’s feet. Needle’s next arrow took the other ranger down. The tide began to turn at that point with the party taking out the rest of the first group of fighters and what looked to be the leader of the second group. They threw down their weapons and surrendered.

The party was unsure what to do with this group that was just until recently attacking them. When Kain found how much they were being paid by the Black Fist for their service, he told him he would double it, if they worked for the Odd Fellows instead. to a man they all agreed, not only because they were being spared but because the offer was more than fair. It was a good thing these mercenaries didn’t know just how close they had come to winning that fight. They found out that the captain’s name was Bjarnni and the ranger that Needle’s killed was called Eastman. They confirmed that the contract was paid for by Bailey Laquin.

After the battle, the superintendent Risran met them and immediately apologized profusely saying he had no idea what they had intended and that Bjarrni told them that they were here to make sure the party got back to Newton safely. When he was told that Laquin was behind this assassination attempt Risran was furious. Many of the folk in Mosquito Marsh owed the Odd Fellows their life and that no amount of money was worth the debt they owed them. He told the party to get some rest and they would talk more in detail tomorrow.

The party was pretty banged up and when Domino tried to heal Clarabelle, he noticed that her wounds refused to heal. Thinking there might be more to the problem then healing, he knew she would have to refer to somebody a bit more skilled than him. They set up camp in one of the warehouses and rested for the night.

The next morning they awoke to one of the townspeople beckoning them to follow him. They did so and found a crowd of people standing around the mill. Risran was standing on a cart so that he could address the crowd. He told them that all of them owed a debt of gratitude to the Odd Fellows for saving their friends and family and for ending the threat the lizardman slavers posed. He then explained how the Odd Fellows had taken on this task at the behest of Bailey Laquin, not for money but to help another lumber town to get free of Laquin. And how had Bailey Laquin repaid them? By trying to murder them after they had did what was asked. The crowd was murmuring angrily by this point and chanting some not to kind words about Laquin Lumber. He then pointed to the Odd Fellows and said ‘Now what our new friends don’t know about us, is that we aren’t owned by Laquin, only contracted by them to deliver uncut lumber, and I say that contract is now done…who here agrees?’ A loud shout from everyone was the affirmation Risran needed. Mosquito Marsh worked for Laquin Lumber no longer.

The party met privately with Risran and told him that even though they were happy that they sided with them, they were worried about the repercussions of this move. So they chatted with the newly unemployed mercenaries and asked how they felt about staying here and offering protection to the townsfolk? They would get paid what Kain had already offered them, a 100gp bonus plus each would receive a Shield +1 that was taken from the Lizardman. They heartily agreed and the Dwarf. Dundal Ironhammer, that led one of the units was made the leader of the new Mosquito Marsh Militia. He was also given the Half Plate +1 they got from Slurra.

Crooked Rock Tower - Day 4

The Fifth Day of Aft-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Crooked Rock Tower

The party was awakened early next morning to noises coming from the cell they had laid Domino the night before. They were all shocked and surprised to see him standing up, seemingly alive and well. But it was obvious he wasn’t the same person they had laid to rest the night before. Domino’s previously shiny armor was now a dull black and there was a red scarab embossed on the front of his shield. Also the holy symbol hanging around his neck was no longer a battleaxe, but a red scarab as well.

He told them the story of how after he died, Chordax approached him and said he was still needed in the world. At that point another voice spoke to him, the same voice heard in the party’s heads after they killed the mummy. He said as an old God he demanded of Chordax payment for Domino helping to release the mummy. Chordax had to agree to allowing Domino to serve this other God as his cleric as payment. Chordax then faded away and the voice in his head said.. ‘My name is Vorhaze and you serve me NOW!’ and with that he woke up.

The party was torn, happy that Domino had been released from the realm of the dead, but unsure of the demands this god Vorhaze would put on them.

They decided to work their way back to the room where Domino met his demise. They spiked the door and sent Andy in to make sure the Iron creature would not be there waiting for them, but destroying the drummers seemed to silence the drummer as well. They found another door on the north wall hidden behind some plants.

You see stone archway about eight feet high and six feet wide, set with a large door made entirely of dark wood. The stones were roughly quarried from granite and give a cavern-like appearance to the opening.

Andy checked the door and found it locked but some pounding from Kain and Clarabelle was finally able to release it.

36. Cavern Room:

The door opens into a dark space where only shadows can be seen, giving the resemblance of a deep cave strewn with boulders.

Even with the lanterns it was hard to cut the gloom in this room, and Andy went in ahead using her darkvision to help see. She found something in the southeast corner of the room and lit her lantern to investigate. She warned the others to not enter the room since it seems that when more than one person enters, things tend to happen. An investigation found 2 other of these creatures and nothing else of value. They decided that it just wasn’t worth it to battle the creatures when there was nothing obvious to fight over. Andy moved out of the room and they left the statues where they found them.

There was two doors they hadn’t investigated yet, one in the south wall of the first corridor and the other in the room where the fought the giant creature of bone. After a quick discussion it was decided to go to the corridor and the south door there.

These double doors are covered with verdigrised copper plates, stamped by stylized lizards circling each other fluidly.

When Andy went to investigate the door she felt her hair standing up and dove away from the door, fearing another lightning bolt like the one in Marishelli’s library but nothing happened. She went back to the door and again could feel her hair standing up but nothing else. She opened the door with no other issues. Once again remembering that whatever was in these rooms seemed to be triggered by more than one person entering she went in.

^32. Amber Golem:*

A dais on the south side of the room is a translucent yellow-brown statue of a giant lizard.

With the rest of the party safely behind the threshold, the statue did not move as she entered. She investigated it and the surrounding area but like many other rooms, found nothing of value or worth investigating. She did see another door going east but confering with the map showed that it may be the opening to the same place as the door in the room they had already investigated (and killed the creature residing in it). So they backtracked back to the door. Andy checked the door again to be safe but nothing was found so she opened it.

34. The Sword:

You see a two-handed sword floating above a large dais here, engulfed in flames which rise up
from the bare marble of the dais.

The light coming off the blade was blinding and Andy had to avert her eyes quickly to not become blinded. Keeping her eyes averted from the blade she made her way around the room, checking for any traps or creatures but found none other than the sword. The party entered quietly heeding Andy’s advice to not look directly at the sword. As they approached the dais they could feel an almost alien intelligence emanating from the sword but before anyone could touch it Domino yelled out for them to stop, his voice intermingled with the voice they had heard in their head before. They all stopped as Domino approached the sword and held out his Morningstar towards it. A loud explosion soon followed knocking all but Domino to the ground. When they arose the large greatsword lay broken on the floor and Domino’s Morningstar now glowed with pale white light. When asked what happened a confused Domino replied..’He took it.. the sword now lives here.." holding up his weapon.

a battered and confused party not knowing what else to do, left the room and headed upstairs and eventually to the tower exit.

Crooked Rock Tower - Day 3

The Fourth Day of Aft-Lumia, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Crooked Rock Tower

The party rose the next day, and after having a meal and checking on the prisoners in the cells, made their way down the stairs they found behind the secret door. It became obvious as they were descending that this area was even older than the dungeon level they were leaving. Andy scouted a bit ahead, and entered a large open area at the base of the passageway.

28. Mayhem:

A glowing orb in the ceiling illuminates a room some thirty feet high. This room is a scene of destruction and mayhem. What seems to be the badly damaged statue of a great two-legged lizard with a massive head full of teeth is standing amid the ruins of two large piles of bent and twisted machinery – gears, chassis, cutting heads, and other parts not so easily identified. Scattered across the floor are many stone fragments of various sizes, the largest the size of a melon; they appear to be the same sort of stone as the statue.
In the west wall is an ornately decorated, brass faced door covered in cobwebs and dust, about four feet wide and eight feet high. The walls of this room are built of yellow sandstone blocks.
In the north wall is a door made of heavy oaken planks reinforced by iron banding. Along the east wall hang a half dozen or so ragged strips of paper perhaps two feet wide and five feet long.

As the party gazed at the destruction in the room, as soon as they passed the threshold from the passageway into the room, the stone creature came to life! It turned at them and charged, roaring as it bit into Domino, picking him up and throwing him to the side.The roar seemed to slow Kain and Bark, making them take twice as long to get into position to attack. Luckily Needles was too far back to be affected and took a shot at the stone dinosaur, his arrow hitting it and causing the dinosaur to explode, showering the party with stone and dust..

The party rushed to the aid of a very dazed and beat up Domino. After checking his wounds Bark decided that Domino was in serious need of some healing and used his druid magic on him before helping the cleric to his feet. An inspection of the room found that the parts on the floor were the remains of two mechanical men similar to Argent and they must have died in battle with the creature Needles just slew. The strips of paper on closer inspection were found to be banners of some sort but in a language nobody could read.

The door immediately to the west was locked and Andy inspected the door before earnestly working at picking the lock. It took her longer than normal to pick it but soon she heard the satisfying click of the tumbler and the door popped open. But nobody was prepared for what happened next as beetles by the thousands began to pour out of the door crack and into the room, Andy couldn’t leap back in time and was covered in beetles in minutes, the party grabbed her and pulled her away from the door. Luckily it didn’t seem like the beetles were dangerous to them, except to continue to pour out of the door and scatter either beneath the north door or back up the stairs they just came down. The party backed against the east wall, afraid to move until finally in what seemed like an eternity, they stopped coming from the door, although the room was still covered in beetles. They slowly approached the door again, the beetles making a crunching noise under their feet as they moved.

29. Mummy’s Chamber:

The room is painted on all four walls with scenes from what seems to be the life of an evil woman. Many evil deeds are depicted, of which the west wall is the worst. The woman is depicted as a general, leading a victorious army; the defeated are being sold as slaves, and the buyers are horrible anthropomorphized bats from deep underground. These creatures are like men with furred bodies and the heads of bats, and they are depicted as blind, with scars where their eyes were, as if each had had its eyes plucked out. Once taken below ground, the slaves are devoured alive by the bat-creatures. The whole scene is sickening and disturbing.

A sarcophagus against the west wall opened, revealing a mummy which pointed at the party screaming ‘Free me from the curse dogs!!!’ in an unsettling woman’s voice. The party backed out of the small room as the creature rushed at them. Domino warned the party to be careful of her touch as they spread out. As the mummy lurched into the room Needles fired at it with his bow. The fire from his arrow causing the mummy to cry out in pain. Kain struck out with his katana, the mummy’s wrap seeming to resist the blade. Clarabelle seeing how Needle’s fire caused the mummy some distress, kept her sword sheathed and cast her Fire Bolt at the approaching creature. Once again it cried out in pain and focused its rage on Clarabelle, lurching forward and attacking her, giving her a glancing blow. Andy and Domino circled around her both striking out with their magical weapons and bringing the mummy low. There was a strong pulse of magic as she died and then all the beetles, alive and dead disappeared from the room. A loud voice rang out in rage, the party not sure they were hearing it in the room, or their own head..

“You have freed Zul-Rukha from her eternal torment! Her debt to those she killed far from being repaid!! I would have you mortals pay me for taking that away, but I will take that payment from those you have caged above, a slave is but a slow death for most anyways..”

Shaking their head to clear the ringing, they went back into the mummy’s room, but found nothing but the sarcophagus, which they found had holes just large enough for a beetle to escape from, or enter into.

They made their way back to the large room and the door heading north. Andy inspected it and couldn’t find anything, although the door seemed to be unlocked. The party opened the door and entered into the large room beyond.

30. Corridor:

This L-shaped corridor provides central access to the other main rooms. The ceiling is about
twenty feet high. Ahead of you is a dais set in the corner, and upon the dais is a glinting crystalline statue of a lizardman. The statue wears a feathered headdress and is armed with a spear and a stone-headed club; its arms are raised as if calling upon powers from above, toothy maw wide open as if screaming. To your right down the corridor you can just see another such dais with an identical statue; the corridor turns left at that point.

Andy inspected the statue ahead of them but could find nothing interesting about it. The party moved inside the room and had to decide what to do, go through the doors to the north our south, or follow the corridor as it turned north ahead. Looking at the door to the north..

The doors to this room are carved with stylistic representations of dragons writhing around the blade of a sword wrapped in flames.

The party knew that Slurra was looking for a sword in the Lizardman temple and the statues of Lizardmen made them think that the sword might be behind this door. After giving the door the once over, Andy retreated and let her more heavily armored friends enter first.

31. Basilisk:

The center of this room is dominated by a lifelike statue of a great lizard, surrounded by similarly lifelike statues of lizardmen in defensive poses.

About the same time that Needles noticed that the Lizard was actually breathing, Clarabelle yelled out "’Ware the creature!, Thats not ordinary lizard, its a basilisk, do not meet its gaze!’

Andy moved to the corner of the room while Kain charged the creatures, eyes averted. Even looking away he was able to land a mighty blow with his Katana while channeling his Ki. Andy’s shot went wide, Domino moved forward to assist Kain while Needles also distanced himself from the party to get an open shot, his arrow whizzing by Kain and striking the Basilisk. The basilisk struck out at Kain in pain but was unable to land a blow. Bark moved into the center of the room, looking for an opportunity to help out while Clarabelle let loose a magic missile at the creature. Both her missiles struck true and the creature roared out in pain before dying. At this point it became obvious that the lifelike statues of lizardmen were actually lizardmen struck down by the basilisk’s gaze.

The walls of this room were painted with murals,but the humid environment has caused the paint to decay; little can be seen of the original subject matter.
The doors that open into the hallway are carved on both sides with stylistic representations of
dragons writhing around the blade of a sword wrapped in flames.
The huge bronze doors set in the diagonal wall are decorated with bas reliefs of lizardmen and
other lizard-creatures glaring at interlopers. Ancient dead roots have grown under the frame, working their way in from the outside.

The party tried the door to the northwest but it was stuck solid and they speculated that this may have been the original entrance to the temple thousands of years ago when it was first built. The door going to the east appeared to go back into the L shaped corridor that they came from to the south. To be sure they decided to go through that door and back to the corridor. Doing so caused all 3 of the crystal statues to come to life, and soon they were beset on from all sides. One of the creatures attacked Andy while the other fell upon Domino. Luckily the surprise was not enough to leave the party open and none of their attacks got through.

The battle commenced in earnest and soon Andy was struck by a Crystal fist, knocking her backwards. She replied in kind by taking a chuck of crystal off its left side. The third Crystal Statue entered the battle and went after Bark striking him twice with its fists. Clarabelle went after the newest statue to enter the fray and struck it with her longsword. Needles struck his opponent furiously with his axes, shattering the statue into thousands of shards. Andy and Kain made short work of the statue attacking Domino, only leaving one statue remaining. Needles grabbed his bow and took a shot at the statue, trusting his skill to shoot into where his friends were fighting, and his skill proved true, striking the statue and leaving it wobbling. Andy stuck her shortsword through it, finishing it off.

Once the battle was done, Andy’s sharp eye noticed something in the remains of one of the statues and pulled out a nicely sized diamond. A quick check and another 2 were found. They figured each of the diamonds was worth about 500 gp. Andy tucked them away while Domino returned an earlier favor and healed Bark from the wounds he suffered at the hands of the crystal statues.

The Corridor had 3 sets of doors they had yet to check, a double-door heading south, another double-door heading east and another smaller door further north also heading east.

A decision was made to go with the closest door to them, the double-door heading east.

These wooden doors to this room are carved with a flower-bordered depiction of lizardmen in a swamp, fighting each other.

The door was checked and Andy said she was lucky not to get a splinter from how dry and cracked this door was. But not hearing anything the party opened the door and entered.

33. Bone Golem:

You see a the skeleton of a extremely large lizardman hunched in the middle of a dais on the far side of the room. It sits facing the doorway, hands on its knees; its empty eye sockets seem to be glaring at you. Claws from bears and similar creatures are hung on a thong across its chest. The skull of a giant lion rests atop its bony pate like a helmet. The smell of swamp plants and mud wafts to your noses, and this causes you to notice that the floor, walls, and ceiling seem to be damp.

As soon as the party passed the threshold of the room, the skeleton creature rose up from the dais. Needles launched an unsuccessful arrow attack but Clarabelle’s last magic missile spell struck the creature twice. Andy’s arrow struck it but the arrow did no damage, just fell useless to the floor. Bark sensing this creature was trouble, pulled forth flame from his hands and hurled it at the creature but the toss went wide. The creature moved fast and soon closed with Clarabelle, its flint hand axes a blur of movement but only striking Clarabelle a glancing blow. Kain channeled his Ki into his first strike and his Katana rang as it sliced into the bone creature. Another arrow by Needles followed striking the creature in the head with a burst of flame. Andy struck the creature with her short sword this time and had much better luck as the creature fell to the ground and didn’t get back up.

There was a door to the south but the party wanted to go back to the corridor and check the smaller door to the north also going east.

The closed doors to this room are decorated withcarvings of drums set amid a motif of bamboo and swamp plants. They are crafted from lustrous teak hinged by black-lacquered iron hinges with a heavy iron handle set in each.

Andy inspected the door and even though it was unlocked noticed the intricate way the door opened. Each latch pulled a rod from the floor, releasing the door to open.

35. Metal Lizard Room:

You see a room decorated like a swamp island, with a dark earthen mound festooned with wetland plants and bushes. A bright light shines. from a yellow globe suspended from the ceiling, which is about thirty feet high. A group of thatch huts with rawhide door flaps is centered on the mound. Sitting on stools carved from solid sections from tree-trunks are three statues of lizardmen with hide drums held between their splayed legs. The slight burbling of water can be heard.
Behind the huts you see a statue of a huge lizard-like creature with an elephantine body and a long neck and tail. It appears to be made of black iron.

As soon as the party entered the room, the lizardman statues began pounding on their drums and the large lizard-like creature behind them came to life! The sound of the thudding of the door behind them told them they were in trouble. They party knew that defeating this creature might be beyond them so they told Andy to get to work trying to get the door back open while the rest of them did their best to distract it. Needles got of the first strike, hitting the creature in the head. Domino decided to use his bless spell on the party, increasing their odds of hitting the creature. The creature lumbered forward and spewed poisonous gas cloud at the two front members, Domino and Kain. Kain was immune but unfortunately Domino wasn’t, and even though he didn’t die immediately, the poison did begin affecting him. Kain stepped forward and using the last of his ki energy, struck the iron creature another fearsome blow. Andy was having trouble opening the door so Clarabelle cast her last spell of the day, the knock spell she still had prepared. The door clicked audibly as it was released. Needles immediately backed out of the room. Domino sensing that he may not have alot of time left, called upon Chordax to further bless his mace and moved forward towards the lizard, hoping to keep it occupied while the others escaped from the room. He was unable to press the attack and missed the creature. The creature struck back and dealt Domino a deadly blow, striking down and killing the cleric. The rest of the party escaped the room while Kain fought a fighting retreat, knowing he would allow the creature one more attack before he could get out of the room. Lucky for him the creature did not hit him and he was able to move past the doorway, where immediately the drumming ceased and the iron creature retreated. The party was devastated by the loss of their cleric and friend Domino. they knew they weren’t going to leave him in that room. That is when Clarabelle had an idea. She noticed that the creature seemed to be keyed to the drumming. The door was still being propped open so Needles slipped in to where he could take a shot at one of the statues but still slip out before the iron lizard to close to his location. Once.. Twice.. Three times Needles snuck in and all 3 times is aim was true, destroying a statue and true to Clarabelle’s word, as soon as the third creature was struck down, the iron lizard no longer attacked. Warily the party re-entered the room but found that their friend Domino was beyond all healing.

They decided now would be a good time to backtrack up the cells where they left Slurra. So with Clarabelle and Kain carrying Domino, they moved through the rooms and back up the stairs. They were shocked to find that Slurra and the two other lizardman were dead, not just dead but eaten down to the bone. It was then that they remembered the words in their head after killing the mummy. Slurra had paid the ultimate price for dealing with slavers.

They covered their friend reverently before Bark used his last heal on Kain and they rested for the night.


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