Crooked Rock

Crooked Rock Tower

The History of the Rock
Many thousands of years ago, before the advent of men and even before the elves, the lizardmen had a civilization covering much of the continent. In that ancient age, the Dragon King, god of dragons, was slain by his mate (or so the story is told), and from one of his platinum scales the lizardmen forged a powerful weapon: Sashra, slayer of dragons, an intelligent sword with the ultimate goal of destroying all dragons. The evil dragons of that age sought to rule over the lizardmen, and the greatest champion of the lizardmen bore Sashra into battle against them. The sword was handed down from generation to generation, until the day came when the dragons were few in number and no longer sought to rule; then the sword was placed in the sacred temple of the lizardmen, at the base of the great rock.

The History of the Tower
Unaware of the ancient temple buried there years before, a mysterious technomancer came to the rock and caused a great tower to be raised upon it. Beneath the tower his workers carved a tunnel down through the rock, and then built a dungeon beneath the adjacent soil. Within the dungeon the technomancer created a manufacturing facility for his mechanical men, until disappearing suddenly and without any reason a few year later.
A few centuries after the technomancer’s disappearance, the wizard Garand Walgren learned of the tower, and, believing that a mechanical army lay hidden beneath the ground there, he came to the tower to loot it. He never discovered the secret way into the facility, though he did capture a single mechanical man named Argent. He tried everything he knew to coerce Argent to reveal the secret way, even attempting to torture it; but the machine-creature was still loyal to his master, and refused to tell Walgren what he wanted to know.
Walgren did learn that Argent was compelled to act to save humans whenever possible, so he traveled to a nearby village and kidnapped a woman with her young son and daughter. He told Argent that he would spare the lives of his captives in return for the secret of the dungeon; when the mechanical man refused, Walgren killed the mother. Again he demanded an answer, and again Argent regretfully refused. Walgren slew the girl, and threatened the boy, but when the Argent refused yet again, he realized it was no use. So he spared the boy’s life and made him a servant in the tower.
This proved his downfall ten years later, as the boy, grown to be a man, killed Walgren with his bare hands in a last final act of revenge. Argent was left there, partially dismantled and restrained, for Walgren’s killer still blamed him in part for the death of his mother and sister. The young man left the tower and lived in various nearby towns for many years, always returning to the tower from time to time. He eventually passed away, his last words being, “Walgren, I’m coming for you again!”

Recent Events
After pursuing Lizardman raiders into the tower and defeating them, the tower and its lower levels were then cleaned out by the Company of Odd Fellows. Afterwards a contingent of soldiers led by agents of the Duchy of Llancrest occupied the tower for further study on its arcane and religious history. The party was led by Daveak Glorygem, A cleric of Eliador and good friend of the Duke along with one of the court mages, Jasim.

The Tower

Map of the Crooked Towe

The Dungeon Level

Map of the Crooked Tower

The Temple Level

Map of the Crooked Tower

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Crooked Rock

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