Royalty: Here is a list of some of the various members of the Baron’s royal court, and rulers of the various duchys of the Barony as well as other Kingdoms contained within the Barony.

  • Lord Samuel Cordwell: Lord Cordwell made his first trip to the Barony a few years ago and when the barge stopped off in Edgemont, he took an immediate liking to the town. When the Baron heard this he immediately offered the Lord rulership over Edgemont and the Stone Bottom Vale. Although the Lord is in charge of all the lands of the Northern Barony from the Celes to Badlands, he seldom interferes with issues outside of the Edegemont area, allowing Stone Bottom and other small towns to police themselves.
  • Duke Romain Instellius: The Instellius family is the only family given a duchy who isn’t from Albion or related to the current Baron. The Instellius’ are the the last remaining family who are tied to the Llancrest dynasty. During the war, the King of Albion made concessions to the Instellius family, knowing that they had friends in both the Elves of Sylvanwood and the Dwarves of the Central Dragonclaws. They were given rule over Talon Valley, whcih was everything east of the Celes river from the Norwood in the north to Elfwood Bay in the south.
  • Earl Henry Dale: The Earl has a small keep on the outskirts of Dale, the town named for his family. His job is to run the town and to make sure that the roads leading in and out of his town are safe. He was called to task on this when a few years ago the town was overrun by Hobgoblin brigands. he has since beefed up the town guard and its maintenance.
  • Duke Vadarin: A recent addition the rolls of royalty. Vadarin is the duke of the small duchy of Freestead, which lies between ranges of the Central Dragonclaws. A few years ago when orc and goblin armies poured out of the Dragonclaws, they almost overran the kingdom. Vadarin rallied the troops, and those of the nearby dwarf kingdoms to push back the invasion. The duke at the time was killed during the invasion and Baron O’Halloran had no problems promoting Vadarin to the new position.
  • Halvdann Black: Not many non-humans hold positions of power in the Barony but Halvdann Black is one of them. This dwarf has been running the Llancrest Barony smoothly for many years and keeps the overland trade running from north to south. His people all seem to love the man and he has made sure to take care of the duchy both in times of peace and war.
  • Thorin Stoneshield: Thorin is the current ruler of the Dwarven Kingdom of Esingmoor, one of the largest Dwarven kingdoms in the Barony. Thorin spent many years as an adventurer before assuming the throne from his father and is one of the few people who have ever seen the fabled Land of the Elements.

Clergy: Here is a list of some of the leaders and other well known members of the various churches in the Barony.

  • Stormcrow ‘Stormy’ Instellius: Adopted daughter of Romain Instellius, this Drow elf was able to overcome her heritage and become the High Cleric of Eliador in Heatherleigh.
  • Sparrhawk Instellius: Human Paladin (lvl 17) The son of Romain Instellius from his first wife Anna. Sparrhawk retired from adventuring to take the position of Arch Paladin of Eliador in Heatherleigh.
  • Tiri Soul: The High Cleric of Chordax in the town of Edgemont. A recent addition to the town, she was sent there from the temple in Albion to replace the last High Cleric, who retired.

Mages: Here is a list of some of the more powerful and influential magic users in the Barony.

  • Elias Firebrand: Elias is well known in the Barony for his control and manipulation of fire based magics. He recently had a home built for himself on the outskirts of the Stonebottom Vale.

The Black Fist: A mercenary guild that works out of the Northern Barony. Due to some of their more shady dealings in the past, they keep most of their operations in to the Northern Barony and will seldom hire out for work that takes them past Newton.

  • Edgar Lothorio: Human Fighter (lvl 8) One of the contacts for the Black Fist, He also owns The Minstrel’s Flask in Stone Bottom. The Black Fist do most of the contract dealings out of his inn.
  • Petyr Tumengorámë: Fighter (lvl 5) Mercenary captain of the Stone Bottom guildhouse.

Blessed Tempest: An adventuring group known for their exploits in and around the Barony. Their career was cut short by the early retirement of Sulyne and Balin.

  • Sulyne Wolfsbane: Human Sorceress (lvl 8)(deceased) Retired to help her husband Johne, run the Laughing Dragon Inn in Dale, died repulsing a raid on the town by brigands.
  • Balin Stoneshield: Dwarf Fighter (lvl 8) Balin retired alongside of Sulyne and joined her when she returned to Dale. he still currently resides there, where he runs a blacksmith and general store.
  • Talinder Suldrin: Elf Wizard (lvl 10) after the group broke up, Talinder retired to Heatherleigh, where he became a dealer in rare books and scrolls.
  • Alaktyrr Rilyund: Drow Cleric (lvl 9) After the group disbanded, Alaktyrr worked with the Stormcrows for awhile before settling down on the outskirts of Wrenwald, to start a small temple to Kamrynn.

Stormcrows: A adventurers guild mostly consisting of the Instellius family and other friends of the family. All members shared in a deep sense of adventure and fun. Since Sparrhawk and Stormy Instellius are now working for the Temple of Eliador in Heatherleigh, the guild is being run by Teknikal Suh’poort, a Dwarven Barbarian and close friend of the family.

  • Romain Instellius: Human Fighter (Lvl 7) The same Romain who runs the Duchy of Talon, he has been known to go out on the occasional adventure.
  • Ellenia Instellius: Elf Bard (Lvl 7) Wife of Romain and part-time adventurer.
  • Sparrhawk Instellius: Human Paladin (lvl 17) Romain’s only real son, from his then wife Anna, who died in Childbirth. Currently Arch Paladin of Eliador and no longer actively adventuring.
  • Stormcrow ‘Stormy’ Instellius: Drow Cleric (lvl 17) Currently the High Cleric of Eliador in Heatherleigh and no longer actively adventuring. Sister to Raevynn.
  • Teknikal Suh’poort: Dwarven Barbarian (lvl 16) Long time friend of Romain and brother to Emhail. Currently heads the guild but is no longer actively adventuring. He was recently voted in as the new mayor of Gulltown,
  • Falcynn Instellius: Halfling Ranger (lvl 8) Adopted son and is currently actively adventuring.
  • Duvessah Marichar: Human Mage (lvl 16) After adventuring with Sparrhawk, Stormy and Teknikal for many years, she finally decided to retire to her tower in the Eaglewoods.
  • Raevynn Instellius: Drow Sorcerer (lvl 7) Adopted daughter and real sister of Stormy. She is currently actively adventuring.
  • Emhail Suh’Poort: Dwarven Ranger (lvl 8) Long time friend of Sparrhawk and brother of Teknikal. He is currently actively adventuring.


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