Frog Island

Frog Island

Frog Island is located in a small inlet along the coast of the Mire Wood. From the first time it was settled its always had a fairly tarnished reputation. From pirates, secret cults and everything in between, the island has seen its share of villains and scoundrels.
The island was raided a few decades ago by the Baron’s Navy to flush out a pirate’s den but as has happened in the past, once somebody is displaced from the island, another group seems to be waiting to take their spot. The last was a group of slavers who took up residence on the island, roaming the coastline for victims as well as paying Mire Wood Lizardmen clans for human captives.

TOPOGRAPHY: The island is a rounded half-sphere, all sides rising towards the middle, rising to a maximum height of about 300 to 350 feet above the water.

ENVIRONMENT: The island is covered by trees, brush and grasses all growing wild and thick, except where humans and nature have cleared it off. There are a few small footpaths where the grass has been worn down. The island mirrors many of the characteristics of the Mire Wood such as the swampy areas rife with alligators and other carnivores.

ANIMALS: The island is home to most of your normal animals such as birds, squirrels, small lizards, occasional snakes, insects, and other common creatures. There are smaller predators such as foxes, bobcats and coyotes or such as well as larger predators like alligators occasionally seen on the island. Herds of deer live around the grassy areas and will swim across the water back and forth to the mainland.

Slaver Fortress

The Map

Map of the Frog Island

Frog Island

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