Mosquito Marsh

Mosquito Marsh Lumber Camp

One of many lumber camps owned by the Laquin Lumber Company. This one mines the hardwoods on the edge of The Mire Wood. Working conidtions in this camp are tough due to the proximity to the Mire Wood and its very swampy conditions. Workers find themselves fighting not only fighting off illnesses carried by the many insects but many times fighting off the denizens of the forest itself. The camps current foreman is Risran Shickis, a middle aged human man not known for his compassion.

Recently after the Company of Odd Fellows was ambushed by mercenaries after rescuing the townsfolk from Lizardman raiders, the town ended its contract with Laquin lumber and is now an independent lumber camp. To help make sure the town stayed this way, the Odd Fellows paid the surviving mercenaries a better fee to stay and help guard the camp. They became known as the Mosquito Marsh Militia

Mosquito Marsh Militia

Dundal Ironhammer
Dwarf Fighter 2: AC 16,#AT 1, Dam 1d6, Mv 40’, Ml9
HP: 11
WIS 8(-1), CON 13 (+ 1), CHR 16 (+2)
Equipment: Half Plate +1, Shield +1, Shortsword

Men at Arms:
7 Human Fighters: AC 15, #At 1, Dam 1d8, Mv 40’, Ml 9
HP: 4,7,9,6,2,8,3
INT 7 (-1), CON 13 (+1)
Eqipment: Leather Armor: Shield +1

The Map

Map of the Mosquito Marsh Lumber Camp

Mosquito Marsh

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