A frontier town on the edges of the Sylvanwood, its major commodity is selling the produce and goods from the local farmers and wholesalers to the various caravan merchants who move the merchandise up and down the North-South Road as well as into Freestead. It also does a brisk business in the hospitality industry since its the first large town after traveling south through the Dragonclaws. The two large Inns here are always at capacity during the busy season and many local townspeople have been known to rent out rooms to take in the overflow.

The town is also the Capitol of the Llancrest Duchy and is home to its leader, Duke Halvdann Black who maintains a Castle in the center of town. Halvdann is the only non-human Duke in the Barony, being awarded the duchy after a long distinguished career fighting for the Barony. Duke Black is a Dwarf originally from the Esingmoors and has strong ties to the Dwarven Kingdom there.

The town maintains both the Town Guard and a contingent of soldiers in the service of the Duke. The Town Guard has their own barracks in town and is charge of the small jail just up the street from their headquarters. The Town Guard is currently ran by Andrea Grusky, a guard long in good standing with the Duke and the people of Newton. The militia is mostly housed in the castle itself although a few of the more senior officers have their own homes in town. The Captain of the militia is Turquoise ‘Turkey’ Hammerfall, a female dwarf and long time friend of Duke Halvdann.

A Map of Newton

Duke Halvdann Black: The current Duke of Llancrest, Resides in Llancrest Castle.
Turquoise ‘Turkey’ Hammerfall: Captain of the Llancrest Militia.
Andrea Grusky: The Captain of the Town Guard.
Arlen Cordle: The High Priestess of the Temple of Belloc. She is not originally from the Barony but was sent from Albion when the position became vacant after the last priest passed away.
Myla Delatorre: The Cleric currently running the Temple of Eliador in Newton. She is originally from Newton, only leaving to go to Heatherleigh to train there for a few years before coming back. When the last brother retired, Sister Myla was chosen to take his place.
Bailey Laquin: The Owner of the Laquin Lumber Company, Bailey is well known in Newton although not well liked. Most of the shop keepers consider him a skinflint even though his company makes him a large sum of money.


10. Ariana’s Apple: This Tavern/Brew Pub is known throughout the Barony and beyond for the outstanding Apple Beer made by its owner, Ariana Iocco. It also serves other types of beers, mead and spirits as well as some of the best food in town. The prices are moderate and most of the patrons are there for good food and good company. The place is usually noisy but good spirited and doesn’t see alot of untoward activity.
11. The Sign of the Devil: The name of this bar gives most patrons an idea of what they are in for if they frequent this establishment. The beer called ’Devil’s Brew’ is cheap and strong and the bartenders keep it flowing. Its not unusual to have the Town Guard out there breaking up fights and scuffles at least a few times a night.
13. Paladin’s Horse Inn: The Paladin’s Horse is the largest inn in Newton and houses many visitors during the busy merchant season. Its the cheaper of the two inns in town, but makes up for it in volume.
14. Good Fortune Inn: A bit off the beaten path, this Inn normally caters to the more upscale customer. The rooms are more nicely apportioned and the staff there is second to none. The Duke usually puts his guests up here when there is a lack of rooms in the castle.

Blacksmiths and Armorers
2. The Golden Forge: Morgan Illarúmë is a masterwork blacksmith and owner of this establishment. He is a recent transplant from the Elven Kingdom in the Sylvanwoods, setting up shop in Newton to sell his wares. He is a wizard of metal and works with iron, steel and other metals as if it were magic. His weapons and arms are second to none in the kingdom.
16. Grinkel’s Armor and Shield: Grinkel really isn’t a blacksmith and most of the armor and shields he sells he has purchased, bartered for or ‘found’. However he does have a wide variety of armor and is willing to buy, sell or trade just about anything to anybody.
22. Splendid Saddles: Although the smell of the tanning hides doesn’t make him popular with his neighbors, Blasko Tanja does make a very good saddle for any type of horse and need. He also makes leather based armor and scabbards for those needing an item of higher than normal quality.

Scroll/Potion Shops
7. The Magical Bracers: Huber has been running this shop since he took the business over from his father. A wizard of no small means himself, Huber has gathered many items to his collection that the aspiring and established magic user both may find useful. He also will identify magical items for a small price.
8. Cryptic Treats: The odd name of this shop keeps most people guessing at what is found inside and those adventurous enough to find out will find a variety of potions and other alchemical delights. Changel Levander is out early and often, seeing what things he can buy from the merchant caravans that might be of interest for his customers.

Jewel and Gem Shops
9. Glistening Pearls: Although they normally deal in the cold water pearls found off the coast of the Barony, Tam and his wife Claire will also buy other types of rare jewels that people may be looking to sell at their shop, mostly to barter for more pearls that they can sell to the caravans.

General Stores
3. Farmer’s Market: The farmers market is one of the largest open markets in the barony. Although they don’t mind selling to the general public, most of the farmers and merchants here are looking to make their deals with the various caravan merchants that come through the town. Most of the shops in town also set up a small booth here during the busy season.
12. Craftsmen’s Market: A smaller indoor version of the farmers market, this market is set up for the craftsman and artisans to sell their wares. They too will sell to either the general public or to the caravan merchants.
20. Vanko’s General Store: Vanko’s store is the place where the townspeople go to get the things they need for day to day living. He carries a wide variety of items, from sacks of flour to ready made door hinges and everything in between.

6. Temple of Belloc: Belloc is the god of Trade and luck so it would make sense that He’s the God most caravan and merchants would worship. The temple holds regular services as well as private services for the more affluent of townspeople and merchants, blessing them with luck and fortune. The temple is currently being run by the High Priestess Arlen Cordle.
23. Temple of Eliador: The God of Law and Healing is the most popular God in the Barony so you’ll find a temple in most of the larger towns and cities and Newton is no exception. The temple in Newton is currently being overseen by Sister Myla Delatorre.

Other Areas of Interest
1. Castle Llancrest: The Castle in the center of town is home to the Duke, Halvdann Black and his royal retinue. It also houses the Llancrest Militia including their barracks and training grounds.
4. City Jail: If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law in Newton, here is where you will most likely find yourself. This building houses all of the criminals and lawbreakers in the city, although the castle does have the ability to hold prisoners as well.
5. Town Guard Barracks: This building houses both the barracks and headquarters of the Town Guard. Many of the married guards live within the city but most of the single younger guards prefer the lower costs of living in the barracks. The barracks always has an Officer of the Watch stationed just inside the front doors to take reports from citizens.
15. Palace of Secret Delights: The Palace is the town’s only certified brothel. Its been around in one form or another since before the Barony. The first Duke of Llancrest recognized its tenure and established that the Palace of Secret Delights was exempt from the Barony’s Prostitution laws. The brothel is currently ran by Madame Cerene Falta, a halfling who once worked there, catering to its shorter clients.
17. Public Stables: The public stables in Newton is ran by the town itself. For a small price merchants, travelers and others can stable their horses. They charge a daily, weekly and monthly rate.
18. Castle Storehouse: This storehouse behind Castle Llancrest is used by the Duchy to store food and goods that are used in the day to day operations of the castle including housing and feeding the militia. However it is a well known fact that Duke also keeps extra stores there for the town itself in case of emergency, drought or famine.
19. Laquin Lumber Company: This building is the corporate headquarters for the Laquin Lumber Company. This company has lumber and papermills all over the barony and employs thousands of people, although their methods of operating are coming under more watchful eyes.
21. City Square: This square is right outside the castle and houses the beautiful Fountain of the Winds. Its mostly used as a meeting place for the townspeople but it also used for large gatherings and town festivals.
24. Royal Stables: These stables right outside the city walls are where the Duke stables the royal horses, although being a dwarf he doesn’t have much use for them. Its also where the militia store and train their horses as well.
25. Royal Farm: This farm not far from the city walls produces most of the foodstuff consumed by the Duke and his court as well as the militia. Most of the foodstuff is moved from here to the storehouse.
26. Town Dump: Every town produces trash and Newton is no exception. Those that live just inside the walls nearest to the dump do complain of the smell, but the Duke does his best to make sure the trash is incinerated on a regular basis.
27. Merchant’s Guildhouse: The Merchant’s Guild was put in place to make sure that all the deals made by the local and caravan merchants is fair to everyone involved. They also act as an intermediary in case of disputes.
28. Warehouses: The warehouses scattered all over the town are owned by the various merchants to store and house their goods, some use them to store goods before bringing them to market, and others use them store goods before they are shipped out on the various caravans.


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