The Village of Stull

The logging village of Stull was founded 80 years ago. Much of the timber close to the village has already been cut and farms have taken the place of the tall oaks and hemlocks that once grew on the denuded hills as lumbering has moved father out from the village. The poplulation of Stull is about 500 people. Everyone is employed by lumber mill owners, the independent jobbers or in one of the supporting jobs of the company town (e.g., Laquin Company Store, the Laquin School or the Temple of Law). It is a rather depressing place. All buildings are owned by the company and are of the exact same plain one-story design with slabwood roofs. The Barclay home is the one exception it is a beautiful three-story wooden slate roof construction. The only buildings that have been painted are the Barclay home, Hotel Scholding and the Laquin Company Store.

Recently after the undead invasion of their town, the adventuring party responsible for destroying the threat, helped the town to purchase the lumber mill from the Laquin Lumber Company, knowing that the company had been wanting to shut the mill down anyways. After the mill was sold, the now independently owned lumber company struck a deal with the Baron of Freestead to supply all the lumber for the rebuilding of the barony. He also set up a small outpost on the edge of town to help patrol the problematic Goblin Wood, employing many of the towns young men as soldiers at arms.


1. Hotel Scholding: This two-story building has been painted dark-green with white trim on the windows. Inside is a bar on the first floor and 10 rooms for rent on the second. The hotel is run by Harl Anto and his portly wife, Missy.

2. Town Building: This small wooden building is used for the monthly town meetings. The current mayor is Chriztopp Barclay who is also the lumber mill manager. Although originally not well liked, he has been looked upon in a whole new light since he helped broker the purchase of the mill from Laquin.

3. Ashton School: This small one room school was by the Temple of Eliador but is now ran by the town. Classes are held three times per week from mid-afternoon until just after dusk. All children from the ages 5 to 9 are required to attend. The teacher is a young woman named Arwin. The school was formerly known as the Laquin School but was renamed after the young man killed during the undead invasion.

4. Temple of Eliador: This single story stone building is the only temple in the village and is dedicated to Eliador. The three clerics who live at the temple, Glivaus, Niels, and Fergbak hold ceremonies every day at 5am, 1pm and 9pm. Although not mandatory, most citizens of the village attend one ceremony each day. Gilvaus is the senior cleric of the three. The others are named Neils and Fergbak.

5. Stull Lumber Mill: This large wooden building is the oldest mill in the area and was recently owned by the Laquin Lumber Company but is now owned by the employees. At one time 80,000 board feet of lumber was cut each year but only 20,000 board feet have been cut in the last ten years. Chriztopp Barclay was responsible for keeping the mill open during those lean times and is know running the mill as an owner/operator.

6. Shellia’s Supplies: This single story building is painted bright red. The store is run by an old warrior named Shellia. She fought goblins for years and the scars on her face prove it. The store was recently owned by the Laquin Lumber Company but she bought out their share right after the mill changed hands.

7. The Cemetery: The cemetery is located on a small hill above the village. In the center is the mausoleum of the village founder, Bruk Stull.

8. The Barclay Home: The Barclay home is a beautiful three-story wooden construction with a slate roof. This is where Chriztopp Barclay and his family live. Chriztopp can be found at the mill from dawn to dusk each day.

9. Clampton Boarding House: This is where all single employees may rent a room. Rent is daily, weekly or monthly for a small room with a bed, desk and chest. This two-story building has a communal wash room on each floor.

The Map

Map of the Village of Stull


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