Dragonclaw Barony is a provincial, but rough and ready area, reminiscent of ancient England or Wales. The primary terrain of the Barony is rolling fields and gentle hills, though the Dragonclaw Mountains, from which the Barony takes its name, cut a wide swath through the center of the land. The borders of the barony are primarily comprised of natural features: the forest of Norwood, the northern Dragonclaw Mountains, and the Badlands in the north and west; and the Sea of Storms, the southern Dragonclaws, and the Dreadwood to the east and south.

The Barony was once a small independent kingdom known as llancrest. Four hundred years ago, armies from the Kingdom of Albion, to the distant north, forcibly annexed the lands to serve as a southern base in their perennial wars with the eastern kingdom of Kar’Tegra. Llancrest was renamed as “Llancrest Barony” and a new ruler from Albion was given control of the land. Over the years, as the Barony grew more and more independent, the court at Albion began to refer to the distant frontier area as “that Dragonclaw barony”, referring to the high mountain range that bisected the countryside, and “Dragonclaw Barony” was eventually adopted as the official name of the land.

This game will be run using the Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game (BFRPG) ruleset with some additional supplements and one house ruled Race (The Soulforged)

  • Basic-Fantasy-RPG-Rules-r75
  • BF-Armor-and-Shields-r3
  • BF-Combat-Options-Supplement-r1
  • BF-Fighter-Subclasses-Supplement-2006.0
  • BF-Half-Humans-Supplement-r1
  • BF-New-Races-Supplement-r1
  • BF-Druid-Supplement-r3
  • BF-Thief Options-R1

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A big THANK YOU to Darrell King, the creator of the Dragonclaw Barony campaign, for making such a great little campaign and for all his assistance with maps and background information.

Dragonclaw Barony

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