Dragonclaw Barony

Duvessah's Tower

The eighth Day of Holy Month, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Duvessah’s Tower

The Mayor of Gulltown, Teknikal Suh’Poort provided the adventurers with a wagon for their travels to Aethere Keep. When they got there they were offered a job by the Duke, Romain Instellius, to check up on a mage by the name of Duvessah, who lived in her personal tower in the Eaglewood. The Duke would consider the job payment for assistance in building Odd Fellow Hall.

With map in hand the adventurers set of to the tower. The trip took two days and was uneventful. They found the tower in a large clearing, a large set of double doors as the only entrance. approached it.


The main, and apparently only, entrance to this fortress is a large set of double doors facing to the southeast. You notice strange runic writing on the door as you approach.

The adventurers had the mage read the runes as the rest stood away from the door. When the runes were read, a Fireball exploded at the doorway. The mage dodged the explosion but still took some damage from the spell. She used the Dragonclaw medallion to heal some of her wounds. The Thief checked the door for traps and found the door unlocked and untrapped but heard sounds on the other side. On opening the door they saw a large rust monster. The Druid attacked it while the ranger took it out at range.

This room contains two large bookcases along the south and west walls of this chamber,
reaching from floor to ceiling. These are filled with various scrolls and tomes.
Along the north wall is a work table. Two shelves, one above the other, run along the north and
east walls just above the table. They hold jars and bottles containing a variety of substances.
South of the work table, along the east wall, is a statue of a muscular man, standing in an attitude of parade rest.

The party avoided the statue and moved along the south wall. They encountered another rust monster but were able to kill it before it could close. The thief was then swallowed by a carpet trapper and had to be hacked out by the rest of the party. She used the Dragonclaw Medallion to heal her wounds. The party then continued to hug the wall til they got to the door going into the tower itself. They took the circular stairs heading up.


This level of the tower looks to be where Duvessah stores her treasures and other valuables. There are three chests in this room, one against the north wall, one one each in the south east and west corners of the room. All appear to be closed. There is also a suit of armor hanging on an armor rack against the south wall.

The adventurers, heeding the Duke’s warning that nothing should be touched, ignored the chests and continued up the stairs to the next level.


This level appears to be a small living area set up for relaxation and meditation. There are a couple of overstuffed chairs in various places as well as large pillows strewn about. In the northern wall, is a raised stone slab that seems to be the resting place of a very small dragonlike creature that is peering at you through half-raised eyelids.

The creature didn’t immediately attack them so the mage approached it cautiously and began a dialog with it. He told the creature that they were sent to check up on Duvessah and that they meant no harm. As proof they showed that they had not taken anything of value from the tower. The small dragon decided to accompany them to her quarters on the last floor. With Dragon in tow, they moved up the stairs.


The central stairs end at this level, but another small spiral staircase climbs to another level from here. This room is devoid of all furnishings and is completely empty except for the two strange creatures stomping around.

The party had never seen the like of these creatures before. The dragon related that they were her mistresses personal guards and she created them herself. Nobody but her could get by them, not even the dragon was allowed upstairs. The party would have to fight them to get to Duvessah. The fight proved to be tough with the mage going down from an acid attack before the party was able to destroy the Pipe Beasts. Some healing from the cleric and a potion got her up and around. With the healing out of the way the party climbed the stairs going to the last level.


As you come upstairs into the last level of the tower, you catch a shadow out of the corner of your eye before spotting a blade coming at you.

When the thief got to the top of the stairs she was attacked by two assassins from the sides of the stairs. She moved out of the way after the attack and let the samurai up behind her where his katana and a magic missile from the mage took out one of the assassins. The other lost his heart for the fight and jumped out a window. When the party investigated they found a rope and climbing equipment. the assassin was beating a hasty retreat and had no chance to be caught by the adventurers so they let him flee.

They found the mage in a deep slumber and it took a considerable amount of effort to wake her up from her magical exhaustion. Once awakened and made aware of the threat that the assassins posed she was visibly relieved the adventurers had come along when they did. She showed them the magical item she was working on. It was a suit of armor and sword that was made especially for fighting powerful undead creatures with the ability to drain life energy. She made it for a friend, a high level Paladin named Sparrhawk who was especially fond of battling the undead. Then she made her way down to Level 2 where she opened up the one of the chests and gave each adventurer 2500gp for their help. She also gave them a scroll, ring and potion from her magical collection as way to further say thanks.


Dymond Dymond

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