• Andrella "Andy" Cohen

    Andrella "Andy" Cohen

    A rogue encountered in the Quasqueton Stronghold
  • Balin Stoneshield

    Balin Stoneshield

    The Owner and Proprietor of Balin's Arms.(Ex-Adventurer)
  • Bark


    A half-orc Druid, raised in the Norwood Forest
  • Bark (bear)

    Bark (bear)

    Bark while Casting assuming his Bear Form
  • Clarabell Mu

    Clarabell Mu

    A young Minotaur raised and trained by the Instellius Clan, now an Arcane Warrior
  • Domino Orderis

    Domino Orderis

    A Cleric of Vorhaze, from the town of Edgemont
  • Elias Firebrand

    Elias Firebrand

    A renowned high level mage, specializing in fire based spells and effects
  • Ferbius


    The slightly timid Apprentice of Elias Firebrand
  • Kain


    A Soulforged Samurai trained in the ways of the Bushido Code
  • Needles


    A half-orc Ranger from the Norwood Forest
  • Petyr Tumengorámë

    Petyr Tumengorámë

    The Captain of the Blackfist Mercenary Guild in Stone Bottom
  • Sparrhawk Instellius

    Sparrhawk Instellius

    Arch Paladin of Eliador and Son of Romain Instellius
  • Stormy Instellius

    Stormy Instellius

    A High Cleric of Eliador and the adopted daughter of Romain Instellius
  • Tiri Soul

    Tiri Soul

    High - Cleric of Chordax