Alaktyrr Rilyund


Alaktyrr was one of those Drow that never felt comfortable in the underdark and escaped that life as soon as he was able. As a young child he wandered the lands aimlessly, but being Drow he was also shunned by people on the surface. One day he came across an Elven cleric of Kamrynn, who instead of turning the drow away, brought him into the fold. He showed the young Drow the beauty of all Kamrynn’s creations, from the dark forests of the Dreadwood, to the stark mountaintops of the Dragonclaws. Soon young Alaktyrr also became a cleric of Kamrynn, and took his newfound knowledge and confidence back into the world. He happened to be traveling through a small town in the Barony when a call for adventurers went forth. When he stepped forth to help, he found himself joined by others as well and his adventures with the Blessed Tempest had begun. A few years later when the group drifted apart he headed up to the Northen Barony to seek out the Stormcrows, another adventuring group. There he joined them as a part time adventurer while he saved up enough money to open a small temple to Kamrynn.

Recently he has been approached about helping a small group of adventurers in exchange for giving him land to build his temple.


Alaktyrr Rilyund

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