Dragonclaw Barony

Home Again

The Twentieth Day of Holy Month, in the year 400 BY

The Company of Odd Fellows

Odd Fellows Hall

the Adventurers made their way back to Aethere Keep, where they informed the Duke that Duvessah was okay but they had inadvertently foiled an assassin’s plan to kill her and steal her treasure. They stayed the evening at the keep before heading for Odd Fellows Hall the next morning. They followed the Celes river northwest where they ran into a large contingent of soldiers escorting Lord Cordwell to Aethere Keep. The soldiers were leery of strangers so the party kept their distance as they passed.

they turned north and headed towards Wrenwald and The Odd Fellows Hall. When they arrived in town they could already see the changes made by freeing the townsfolk from the the tyranny of the Wrenwalds. The first thing they were told is that the townsfolk had officially petitioned to have the name of the town changed from Wrenwald to Hommlet. I word that meant ‘home’ in old Llancrest. Nobody could blame them from wanting to distance themselves from a word associated with their former landlord.

The village elder invited the party to a big celebration to mark the name change. It would be in 10 days time during The Day of Wonder and since they were a major factor in all the goods things happening to the village he was hoping they would attend. The party assured him they would be there. He shook their hands before they made their way home to Odd Fellows Hall.

They got their first surprise when they saw that The Church of Chordax had already sent replacement priests to fill the hole left by Domino’s convergence to another faith. One was a dour man named Tarjon, and the other was a younger acolyte named Calmer. They also found that Alaktyrr disagreed with the new cleric so much that he gave up the temple and set up his worship of Kamrynn in a small grove outside of Hommlet. The captain of the guard, Brekken, had been put in charge of keeping an eye on the manor since his departure.

Brekken filled them in on all that had happened since they last left. A few weeks ago, Brothers Tarjon and Calmer showed up and announced they would be in charge of the temple and had the paperwork from the High Cleric to prove it. Within 3 days of their arrival, Alaktyrr had thrown up his hands and moved out of the Hall, setting up a small area of worship in a grove right outside the town. The two new clerics have been very active in recruiting new members for the flock and now many of the townspeople have been converted to the worship of Chordax. They feel that this temple is a sign of the new strength of Hommlett and they will never be oppressed again. While others still worship what they consider the ‘Old Faith’, Kamrynn and the balance of nature. The rise of the new church has began to put a strain on some of the old friendships in the town, since the religions don’t see eye to eye.


Dymond Dymond

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