Dragonclaw Barony

The Day of Wonder Festival

The Company of Odd Fellows


The day of the festival arrived and the party set forth to celebrate with the town. the celebration was going strong, with many of the villagers wandering the town, taking part in many of the games that had been set up, and of course partaking in all the wonderful food and beverages. the party also tried out some of the games, Bark losing out in an arm wrestling contest to the local woodcutter (nobody wanted to arm wrestle a minotaur. Needles bested a few of the local hunters to win the archery contest. Kain won the drinking contest (a bit of cheating on his part) and Clarabelle graciously lost out on the pie eating contest. They meandered out to the grove where Alaktyrr had set up his house of worship and were pleasantly surprised to find he had made some more healing potions for them, with each of them buying two of them from him.

After a few hours of wandering around and enjoying the festival, they decided to head back to the Estate and get some rest. As they they were heading northward, they saw a blinding flash ahead of them and all of them were driven to the ground. A strong sense of unresolved vengeance washed over them before they all passed out.

They all awoke at the Estate the next day, with the soldiers keeping a worried eye on them. They were told that they were all found passed out on the road and were immediately brought to the estate. Calmer, the head cleric of Chordax said he could find nothing physically wrong with them and said they would probably be fine with bed rest. It was at this time that Domino spoke up. He told them that the presence they felt was Vorhaze, because on the Day of Wonders, the Gods can walk the earth if they so choose. No words were spoken to him but there was an immense sense of anger, and a location, An old crypt deep in the Norwoods. Domino didn’t know where it was but he had a ‘feeling’.. a sensation of being pulled. If they followed that, he was sure they would find the crypt.


Dymond Dymond

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