The Town of Dale

Dale thrives on being on the end of the main East-West road running through the Barony. It does a booming business in food and lodging and many caravans and travelers will stop and rest there for the night before continuing their journey north, south or east. The town is presided over by the Earl of Dale who maintains a small castle in the town itself. It also has a small standing army that is stationed in a small wood fortress at the north end of town, their main job being to keep the roads in the area free of bandits and brigands.

A Map of Dale

Laughing Dragon Inn: More than just the local inn, people come from far and wide to sample the delicious food and ale made by this establishment. The fare is second to none and the rooms are simple yet comfortable and well tended. The owner of the inn, Johne Wolfsbane took over after his parents passed away. He runs the place with the help of his employees and his daughter Axiel. (Location 1)
Balin’s Arms and Supplies: Balin Stoneshield decided after his adventuring days were done that he would rather spend time with people than a pickaxe and set up shop in Dale, selling his custom made arms and weapons. He also runs the general store, providing to the day to day needs of the town. He is known as being fair and generous, making a profit but not gouging the townspeople in the process. (Location 2)
Town Hall: The town hall is the gathering place for the local townspeople. It is where they have all the town meetings and hearings. Lord Dale also takes his audience with the townspeople here. (Location 3)
Dale Keep: The castle and home of Lord Dale. it is fairly well fortified and he has a staff of his own family guard on the premises. (Location 4)
Fort Landers: This small wooden fortification is the home to the town guard and militia. The soldiers and guards are trained here and its also where the stockade is located and prisoners are kept. The land for the Fort was donated by the Landers after the last brigand attack. (Location 5)
Public Stables: The merchant traffic uses the public stables to store their horses and goods. The stable owners provide a small security detail but also allow the caravan guards to post their guards here as well. (Location 6)
Lander’s Farm: The town of the Dale was built around this old Farm and it still provides an abundance of food stuffs to the town. The Lander’s also donated the land where Fort Landers now stands. (Location 7)
Clearwater Pond: A good sized pond on the outskirts of town. It provides some fish for the locals as well as a place to swim on a hot day. (Location 9)

Johne Wolfsbane: Owner of the Laughing Dragon Inn. His wife was the former adventurer, Sulyne Wolfsbane, a member of Blessed Tempest. She is now deceased. Killed during a raid of Goblinoid brigands.
Balin Stoneshield: Owner of Balin’s Arm’s and Supplies. Son of Thorin Stoneshield, Original member of Blessed Tempest
Fonkin Zanalor: Gnome Sage and former advisor to Baron O’Halloran
Luke Mattind: Captain of the Town Guard of Dale
Arryk Whitebeard: High Priest of Belloc and the town’s cleric.


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