The Year
The year begins with the Midwinter’s feast, in which warriors make their vows for the coming year. The current year is 400 BY (year of our Baron)

The year itself is split into two seasons (summer and winter), each divided into six 30-day months and 5 festival days. Two of the festivals mark the seasons: Lumia (midsummer), and Geola (midwinter). Such is the import of these two-day ceremonies, that they have before and after months. : Ere-Lumia and Aft-Lumia and Ere-Geola and Aft-Geola.

The month following Aft-Geola is named Miremonth, also known as the “Month of Mud”. Anyone living in or visiting the Barony during this time of year will realize all too well the significance, and login, of that name. It is during this month that the plowing begins.

Next comes Hard-Month, in which prayers are made for deliverance from the claws of winter.

New-Month, the month of renewal, comes next. This month is marked by celebrations of life and fertility, such as the “The Showing” when unmarried maidens bathe naked in streams and waterfalls, as prospective suitors look on.

The fifth month is know as Thri-milce, or the time of the three milkings. At this time of the year, milk-cows are so abundant that they must be milked three times a day-hence the name of the month.

The next two months are Ere-Lumia and Aft-Lumia, warm, temperate months which frame Lumia, the two-day Misdummer festival. The Midsummer festival itself consists of the building of bonfires, singing, and the prayers of a good harvest.

The month after Aft-Lumia is called Goodmonth because of the growth of crops at this time. The latter part of Goodmonth signals the beginning of the harvest.

Holy-Month is the harvest month, and leads to The Day of Light, the holiest day of the year.

The fifth, and most important, of the annual festival days is The Day of Wonder, a one-day celebration between Holy-Month and WinterFylleth marks a legendary day when the gods trod the earth.

The first full moon in Winterfylleth marks the beginning of winter.

The following month is the month of the winter livestock slaughter. This month is known as Blood-Month.

Thus, the full 365-day year is comprised of the following months:

  • Geola (2 day Mid-Winter’s Festival)
  • Aft-Geola
  • Miremonth
  • Hard-month
  • New-month
  • Thri-milce
  • Ere-Lumia
  • Lumia (2 Day Mid-Summer’s Festival)
  • Aft-Lumia
  • Goodmonth
  • Holy-month
  • The Day of Wonder (1 day festival)
  • Winterfylleth
  • Blood-month
  • Ere-Geola


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