The following are the Gods worshiped in Dragonclaw Barony and the surrounding world. Each deity described includes a description of the deity, his worshipers, his holy symbol, the colors of his clerics’ robes, and a special power available once per day to the deity’s clerics.

Astaira (Ah-Stare-ah) is the goddess of the sea, and is venerated by sailors, fishermen, and others who depend on the sea in order to make their living. Her holy symbol is an anchor. Astaira’s clerics wear sea-green robes with white trims.

  • A cleric of Astaira may create/purify water. 1 gallon/level, once per day.

Belloc (bel-ok) is the god of luck and trade, and is venerated by rogues, merchants, and those who make their living by their wits. His holy symbol is a gold coin. Belloc’s clerics wear grey robes.

  • Once per day, a cleric of Belloc may grant a +2 luck bonus to AC and attack rolls, +1 to find traps and secret doors as well as +10% to all thief abilities to all allies within 60’ for 1 round/level.

Charindra (shah-rin-drah), the Seductress, is the goddess of love, lust and fertility. She is venerated by lovers, midwives, hedonists, and prostitutes. Her holy symbol is a naked woman. Charindra’s clerics are sky-clad (nude) at all times.

  • Once per day, a cleric of Charindra may compel a subject to follow a stated course of action for 1 hour/level or until the course of action is complete.

Chordax (Kor-daks) is the god of war and strength. Warriors and brawlers figure prominently among his worshipers. His holy symbol is a battleaxe. Chordax’ clerics wear brown robes with a silver battleaxe embroidered on the chest.

  • Once per day, a cleric of Chordax may grant one weapon an enhancement bonus of +1/4 levels (Max of +5) for 1 hour/level.

Eliador (el-ee-ay-dor) is the god of law, justice, healing and protection. His worshipers include healers and lawmakers. His holy symbol, a golden circle, is representative of the sun. Eliador’s clerics wear white robes with gold trim.

  • A cleric of Eliador may cure 2d8 hp + 1 hp/level (to a maximum of 2d8+15) once per day.

Esra (ess-rah), the Night Lady, is the goddess of the moon and magic. She is venerated by wizards, thieves and assassins. Her holy symbol is a silver circle, reminiscent of the moon. Esra’s clerics wear black robes with silver trim.

  • Once per day, a cleric of Esra may negate one magical spell or effect.

Kal’Thal (kal-thawl), The god of the dead. His followers remain nameless and secretive, although they include assassins and necromancers looking for power over death. His holy symbol is a bleached white skull. His clerics wear all black with a cowled hood and hold the scythe as their favorite weapon.

  • Once per day a cleric of Kal’Thal can detect all creatures who are near death (3hp and under) in a 30’ radius.

Kamrynn (kam-rihn) is the god of nature, who is worshiped in forested oak groves. His holy symbol is the oak leaf. Kamrynn’s clerics wear deep green robes.

  • Once per day, a cleric of Kamrynn may summon a lightning bolt to strike a selected target for 2d6 +1 hp/level of damage. (to a maximum of 2d6 + 15)

Malorie (mah-lohr-ee-ay), the Harvest Queen, is the goddess of weather and agriculture. She is venerated by farmers and herbalists. Her holy symbol is a sheaf of wheat. Malorie’s clerics wear brown robes.

  • Once per day, a cleric of Malorie may communicate with plants (including normal plant life as well as plant based creatures), enabling the cleric to ask questions of and receive answers from plants for 1 min/level.

Vorhaze One of the Elder Gods, Vorhaze is the god of vengeance and retribution. He was worshiped mostly by those who had been wronged by others, hoping that their prayers would exact vengeance on their transgressors. His holy symbol was a scarab beetle, usually painted a dull red. Not much is known about the clerics of Vorhaze except that their robes were dull gray.

  • Once per day, a cleric of Vorhaze if struck down by an opponent, will gain enough hit points to go back to 1 hp. His opponent will lose the same amount of hitpoints used to revive the cleric. If his total Hitpoints is equal to or lower than that, it will die but the cleric will still be at 1 hp.

In addition to the established religions, there are several malevolent cults active in the Barony. Both the Baron’s forces and the established churches seek these cults in order to destroy them.
These include those of the demons Asmodeus, The Prince of Darkness; Belial, the Defiler; Demogorgon, the Lord of Madness; and Orcus, the Lord of the Undead. Though these demons are unable to grant divine spells to their worshipers, each ritual committed to the demon’s name empowers the cultists with dark energy. granting them a +2 bonus to their next 5 attack rolls. 10 successful rituals enable the demon to manifest in the material world for a number of days equal to the High Priest’s level x 3.


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