Though now an independent barony, the lands still owe nominal fealty to Albion and stands allied with Albion in matters of trade and war, The current Baron, Sir Thomas remains on good personal terms with the King. When the last Baron died childless, the baronial succession was decided by the King of Albion.

Sir Thomas O’Halloran, the ruler of Dragonclaw Barony, rules with the support of the King and noble families of Albion, and has many friends and relatives there. As an ally of Albion, Dragonclaw Barony is frequently put at odds with the kingdom’s rival nation, the Kingdom of Kar’Tegra, across the Sea of Storms to the east.

The Barony is blessed with numerous trade opportunities, a moderate climate and ample natural defenses. Strong standing border armies provide the nation’s military strength and security. Problems from outside forces, such as those from Kar’Tegra, as well as from the odd band of ravaging humanoids, are dealt with swiftly by Sir Thomas’ well-trained military forces, led by Baron’s Knights of the Lion Rampart.

Numerous small villages, settlements and homesteads dot the countryside, though only the southern parts of the Barony can be truly considered settled. The northernmost reaches of the Barony are wilder frontier-land, often threatened by an array of marauders. The only communities in Dragonclaw Barony of any signifigant size are the city of Heatherleigh, the Capital of the Barony, the town of Southport, its deepwater port, Red Meadow, Its agricultural hub and the three frontier towns of Newton,Edgemont and Gulltown.

The heraldry of the Barony is a lion rampant in gold on a field of black. The same symbol also serves as the device for the Knights of the Lion Rampant.All the Knights of the Lion Rampant will wear this heraldry on their shields as well as their armor.
Dragonclaw Barony Heraldry


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