Dale: this small town thrives on being at the intersection of the Lindon and North-South Road, running through the center of the Barony. It does a booming business in food and lodging and many caravans and travelers will stop and rest there for the night before continuing their journey.
Edgemont: A bustling town on the northern edges of the barony. Due to its proximity to the Celes River it is a staging point for barge traffic coming to and from Albion. It also provides the fastest way to get supplies to Wyvernhall and the other northern towns.
Gray Cliffs: Being one of 3 towns in the Barony with large port access to the Sea of Storms, Gray Cliffs docks are usually filled with ships coming and going. It is the major supply hub for freight coming into the LLancrest and Freestead duchies.
Gulltown: Sitting on where the Celes enters into Elfwood Bay, the Port of Gulltown isn’t deep enough to receive large merchant vessels. However it does run the river traffic to and from Southport, avoiding the more dangerous overland route through the Dragonclaws from Edgemont. To do this, they use smaller and faster vessels called Seagulls.
Heatherleigh: The city of Heatherleigh is the capital of the Barony and home of Sir Thomas O’Halloran, the current Baron. As the largest city in the Barony most of the population of the country resides here. Its also the port where the goods from the interior of the Barony are gathered and shipped down river to Southport.
Newton: A relatively quiet town on the edges of the Sylvanwood. Its a gathering area where the surrounding farmers and merchants bring their goods to be moved down the Lindon Road to Heatherleigh and Dragonhall. It also provides a place for overland merchants to stop and rest their weary horses after crossing the Dragonclaws.
Red Meadow: The lands to the south of Heatherleigh are the most lush and fertile lands in the Barony. Red Meadow has become the hub for gathering and shipping all of the agricultural bounty from these lands to points north and south. There is plenty of merchant traffic on the roads between Heatherleigh, Red Meadow and Southport, leading everyone to call the road ‘The Wagon Wheel’.
Southport: This small deep water port is where ships must dock so that cargo can be offloaded and transferred to shallow-draft boats for river traffic into the Barony. It also handles passenger and cargo to and from Gulltown in Elfwood Bay.
Stone Bottom: A rough and tumble frontier town on the northern edge of the Barony. Its main industry being the local goods and minerals mined from the nearby Dragonclaws and the mercenaries used to protect them.

Stull: This village on the outskirts of the Goblin Wood was up until recently known as a company town of the Laquin Lumber Company with most of its inhabitants working in the nearby mill. However the town, with the assistance of the Company of Odd fellows was able to purchase the mill and become an employee owned company. They were recently awarded a contract with the Duchy of Freestead to supply them with all their lumber and the duke is in the middle of building a small garrison just outside the town.
Hommlet: This small village on the edges of the Norwood, was until recently under the thumb of a family of wizards. The Wrenwald family fell under the curse of the swamp witch, and the curse left them as undead. When a party of adventurers cleared out the estate of the curse, they also freed the village to become a direct part of the Barony, and pay much lower taxes directly to Duchy of Talon. The Adventuring Party, known as ‘The Company of Odd Fellows’ took over the estate and made it their own, bringing a newfound prosperity to this once destitute town. The town recently petitioned the Duke successfully to have its name changed from Wrenwald to Hommlet.

There are three major fortresses in the Dragonclaw Barony. two serve as a base for the baronial armies and also as a consistory for the Baron’s elite knighthood, the Knights of the Lion Rampant. The other serves as the headquarters of the Freestead Duchy

Dragonhall: The Baron’s southern fortress, is situated on the rolling hills above the Dragonrun River, with a commanding view of both the distant shore and the river traffic bound for Heatherleigh. The Baron’s southern armies are quartered here, as well as the southern branch of the Knights of the Lion Rampart.
Iron Fortress: The Freestead valley has always had its share of issues, being that its somewhat isolated from the rest of the Barony by the Dragonclaws on both sides of it. Instead of the normal town or city to house the Lord of this duchy, a small fortress was erected as a more safer alternative in case of invasion or incursion.
Wyvernhall: Situated among the northwestern Dragonclaws is the Wyvernhall, the northern consistory of the Knights of the Lion Rampant. From this high mountaintop fortification, the knights and the hardy northern armies keep watch over incursions from the badlands.

Aethere Keep: The home of Romain Instellius, the last of the blood of Llancrest. The family owns the keep and the surrounding estate, as well as the forest behind it. Romain Instellius lost his first wife Anna, giving birth to his son Sparrhawk, and later remarried an elven bard named Ellinia. Since then they have adopted a motley group of children of all ages and races and raised them on the grounds of their estate. Since Romain tends to name his children after birds, the keep is affectionately known as ‘The Aviary’ by friends and family.
The Barrows: Situated in the north of the Barony, among the flanks of the Dragonclaw Mountains, these hills are the burial sites for many of the residents and noble families of Llancrest (as the Barony was once called). Ranging in size from simple hollowed-out caves to elaborate systems of tunnels and chamber, there are several thousand barrows scattered throughout the hills, some easily visible and others hidden from sight and undisturbed. After three millennia, rumors of undead, and even darker menaces, fill local legend.
City of the Dead: Above ground, these are the remains of an early attempt to colonize the western lands of the Barony-a small city abandoned to time and the Badlands hordes that eventually overran it. Below ground, the sewers and deeper areas are home to scattered groups of goblins, orcs, drow, undead and other things. Though, for some reason, no settling humanoid group ever seems to stay in the city for very long. The drow are rumored to serve a dragon of some sort that dwells deep within the earth, while the orcs claim that an area south of the city is home to a shambling, shadowy thing that kills anything and everything it encounters.
Crooked Rock Tower: The history of the Tower and the Rock it sits on go back thousands of years, before the advent of any rule in these lands. The temple below the rock, first created by lizardman and then used as a tomb to hide their most treasured weapon. And later the tower built by the most mysterious of wizards before he too vanished. It has recently been claimed by the Duchy of Llancrest as a site of historical and arcane value.
Duvessah’s Tower: Recently the reknowned adventurer and mage Duvessah retired to her tower she had built in the middle of the Eaglewood. Because of the work she does there, she has the tower protected by traps and magical guardians.
Frog Island: Frog Island is located in a small inlet along the coast of the Mire Wood. From the first time it was settled its always had a fairly tarnished reputation. From pirates, secret cults and everything in between, the island has seen its share of villains and scoundrels. The latest, a group of slavers using the island as a base of operations.
The Library of Marishelli: This old abandoned library belonged to the renowned sage Marishelli. Rumors say that when she died, she set up all types of traps and that strange creatures guard her library. It was recently the home of a young White Dragon that met its demise at the hands of Elias Firebrand.
Odd Fellows Hall: What was once a run down estate on the edge of the Norwoods was recently renovated and is now the home of The Company of Odd Fellows. It also contains a temple to Chordax and Kamrynn, as well as housing a small garrison of the Duchy of Talon’s soldiers.
Old Keep: The ruins of the Old Keep are all that remains of a fortress from the days when the area comprising Dragonclaw Barony was known as Llancrest. These stone towers and crumbling battlements now stand in silent memory of that lost kingdom, keeping a lonely watch over its southern shores. Legend says that the dungeons of the keep are quite extensive, and that dire peril awaits anyone foolhardy enough to venture within. Local residents say that soldiers of Llancrest, in a last-ditch, and ultimately futile, effort to save their kingdom, summoned some dire thing from other plane, something that still dwells below Old Keep to this day.


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