Stone Bottom

Stone Bottom

Stone Bottom is a rough and tumble frontier town on the northern edges of the Dragonclaw Barony. It was built upon the foundations of an earlier civilization and its how the town got its name. There are still small ruins scattered about the town and surrounding area. Oddly enough the walls remained in good shape and are the towns first line of defense against intruders. Although it has seen its share of lawlessness, the town has worked on cleaning up its act, thanks to the town guard and the militia, led by Lin Vaia, a Paladin of Eliador. Grinmar Sigrlod as mayor is the leader of the town, although he gets guidance from a council of merchants and other prominent townspeople. Many whisper that the Black Fist Mercenaries, who have a guild house in Stone Bottom, are the ones that make the real decisions.

The town makes its living by exporting goods from the local region and by transporting the precious minerals mined from the nearby dwarven mines. The town is also supplemented by income brought in by the Black Fist Mercenary group. This group has a guild in Stone Bottom, Edgemont, and Gulltown and provides caravan and protection services for the area.

A Map of Stone Bottom

Loy Hammer: The Captain of the Town Guard
Edgar Lothorio: Owner of the Minstrels Flask, contact for the Black Fist
Grinmar Sigrlod: Mayor of Stone Bottom
Petyr Tumengorámë: Captain of the Black Fist Mercenary group
Lin Vaia: The Leader of the town Militia and a Paladin of Eliador.
Nadar Sweetcorn: The Head cleric of the Temple of Malorie.


The Minstrel’s Flask: This rowdy and loud Inn is the place to go when there is a need to recruit mercenaries from the guild. The Inn is run by Edgar Lothorio, who is the main contact for the Black Fist. (Location 15)
The Rainbow Unicorn: A tavern and inn ran by Cathra Cima, its known for the wide variety of its clientele and the smooth stylings of the local bard, Twang Brallomant. (Location 17)
Magnificent Hero: The oldest of the Inns in Stone Bottom. Its owner Manny Laspina, has been the owner as long as anybody can remember and still helps out, even though you have to shout for him to hear your order. (Location 16)

Mithral Anvil: This blacksmith shop is run by Londa Hahalyak and her apprentice Ruth Carlisano. Londa does not sell her wares cheap but they seem to be of a better quality than her competitors. Location 5)
The Shining Shield: Old Ablamar Pedley has been running his smithy as long as anybody can remember. He does alot of work for the town guard and militia because of his fairly affordable prices. (Location 6)
Londa’s Smithy: The running joke in Stone Bottom is you can’t throw a rock without hitting a blacksmith named Londa. Londa Suprano opened her shop a few years ago and charges a pretty copper for her wares. Although the quality of her work is not as good as the other Londa, she is much easier on the eyes, so she gets alot of repeat business from the mercenaries in town. This does not go over well with her husband Herm. (Location 7)

Scroll/Potion Shops
King’s Aid: Named after a long dead king of the Llancrest, Berethani and Enuren Anandórë run their small potion business from a shop in the downtown area of Stone Bottom. It is mostly frequented by mercenaries looking to buy some health ‘insurance’ before an outing. Berethani is known for his temper so the mercenaries know to be on their best behavior when purchasing wares or get told ‘No Potions for you!’. (Location 8)
Sorcerer’s Secret: This shop mostly deals with the spell components and ingredients needed by the local mages, although some other items can be obtained here. The shop is run by Jud Palla and his wife, Kira. (Location 9)

Jewel and Gem Shops
The Shiny Bauble: Mostly set up as a front for moving Black Fist merchandise, some good deals can still be had at this shop. Between the threat of death from the Black Fist and the owners of the shop itself (Half-Orc Edals and Huru Shultz), the shop is seldom robbed. (Location 10)
Jewelry Wholesalers: This jewelry store is ran by Kither and Ruth Nucci. The tend to do the best business with the surrounding dwarven miners and move alot of their merchandise to Albion via Edgemont. (Location 11)

General Stores
The Laborer’s Store: Geared towards the ‘working man’, this store has goods at fairly affordable prices. The owner is an elf, Florimel Tandil and his wife Parlee. (Location 12)
Dempsey’s Hammer: Ran by Aria Dempsey, this store tends to have the best prices in town for general goods, you can even find some original paintings done by Aria’s husband Fen. (Location 13)
Happy Nails Aiming at more of an upscale crowd, or at least what passes for that in Stone Bottom, Ballard and Ardel provide that with just the right amount of snootiness. (Location 14)

Temple of Malorie: Since the town has many people who make their living from the earth, it only makes sense that Malorie would have a temple in Stone Bottom. It is currently headed by Father Nadar Sweetcorn.

Other Areas of Interest
Militia Headquarters: Here is here the militia is trained and billeted. The militia is mostly a volunteer army but most of the townspeople are signed up. They rotate through, each given a specific time to server. The militia isn’t in charge of the town, only the surrounding area known as Stone Bottom Vale. Lin Vaia takes this job seriously and as a result the townspeople are fairly well trained for volunteers. (Location 1)
Black Fist Mercenary Guild: This is the headquarters and recruitment center for the Black Fist Mercenary guild in Stone Bottom. Although this is where many guild members live and sleep, others have homes in the town itself. But all the meetings and contract assignments are done from this building, although the contract dealings themselves, take place at the Minstrel’s Flask. (Location 2)
Mayor’s Office: This small building in the center of town is where the Mayor does his business. Its not very large, only containing a private office for the mayor, and a larger meeting room for him and his council. (Location 3)
Town Guard: The town guard, unlike the militia, is a paid position and is in charge of maintaining the peace in the town itself. It is also where the town Jail is located and prisoners of both the guard and the militia are kept here. (Location 4)
Stone Bottom Pond: This pond, like many of the other structures, predates the actual town of Stone Bottom. The pond seems to be fed by a freshwater supply and stays pretty clear. It is stocked with fish and is a favorite fishing hole for both kids and adults, and a great place for families to cool down on a hot lumia day. (Location 19)

Stone Bottom

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