The Village of Hommlet
(formerly known as Wrenwald)

Right after the Llancrest war, word got back to the new Barony that a group of Llancrest loyalists had hidden themselves in the edges of the Norwood forest and had set up a small town there. Afraid that this group would try and foment some sort of rebellion, the barony sent in one of their most powerful wizards, Edgar Wrenwald, and a small group of soldiers to flush out and destroy the town. However instead of destroying the town, he called the townspeople together and explained their options. Make him their Lord and Protector and he would keep the Barony off of their back, If not he would destroy the town to the last man. Not liking the idea of being wiped out, they chose the lesser of the two evils and made Edgar their Lord and Protector. He then collected taxes from them, in which a small part was paid to the Barony which no longer considered the town a threat. Besides the heavy taxing, the family has pretty much left the town alone, except for officially naming the small village, Wrenwald.

The villagers never liked the Wrenwald family, the oppressive protection taxes they pay keeping most of them poor. Recently the Swamp Witch cursed the Wrenwald family, turning them, their friends and the help into many forms of undead. An adventuring party came through town, destroyed the undead and the curse and took over the estate. They then freed the Village to now manage its own affairs and pay taxes directly to the Barony, at a much cheaper rate then what they were being charged by the Wrenwalds. Afterwards the town successfully petitioned to have the name of the town changed from Wrenwald to Hommlet, for obvious reasons. With name change and the less oppressive taxes, things have turned around for this town.

1. Shilling Farm
2. Peters Farm
3. Woodcutter’s Hut
4. Sarens Farm
5. Jannsen Farm
6. Tannery
7. Welcome Wench Inn
8. Blacksmith
9. Town Hall
10. Weaver
11. Tailor
12. Franz Farm
13. Trading Post
14. Teamster
15. Moneychanger
16. Cabinet Maker
17. Potter
18. Brewer
19. Herdsman’s Hut
20. The Grove
21. Wainwright
22. Mayor’s House
23. Carpenter
24. Stonemason
25. Odd Fellows Hall

The Map

Map of the Wrenwald Estate


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